With the rise of digital media, an entirely new type of celebrity emerged. Founded on the insight that today’s cultural icons offer a nuanced point of view and the most modern form of entertainment, we transformed an industry.

Our global clients — elite, multifaceted online publishers, creators, and personalities — span all genres.

With a holistic approach, rooted in a synergistic background of marketing, branding, and development, we nurture our talents’ careers, turning them into business entities and empires. We understand the ever-shifting media landscape as well as the balance of traditional strategy, online and off. Our practice combines all facets of brand building — social media, literary opportunities, television, product creation, events, and eCommerce. We raise clients’ profiles in every arena, driving brands and voices forward.

In addition to talent management, DBA owns and operates Digital Brand Products (DBP),
a separate arm dedicated to product development and merchandising for influencers and digitally savvy properties and brands.

DBA was founded in 2010 and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Milan.