arielle charnas of
something navy x
monrow and bandier

Arielle Charnas

Something Navy

Arielle of Something Navy partnered up with Bandier x Monrow to launch an exclusive collection of summer loungewear, comprising of eight select pieces.

The items were sold in stores at Bandier and on The campaign SOW consisted of an Instagram post and Instagram stories promoting the launch, one press dance class with select Something Navy followers to participate IN, taught by Amanda Kloots, and a giveaway to a select five on of the collection pieces.

influencer reach/results

Arielle’s Bandier Instagram post received 16,805 likes, while receiving an average of 100,000 views on her Instagram stories to promote the launch. Three days after the launch, $44,269 of 340 units were sold (online and in-store).

top 5 selling pieces:

Raw Vintage Sweats/Sporty Top set

107 units sold

elastic waist raw sweat oat

52 units sold

something special athletic tee

39 units sold

raw vintage shorts with band

37 units sold


35 units sold