Arielle Charnas

Something Navy

There are bloggers, and then there are “superinfluencers,” as Something Navy’s Arielle Noa Charnas has been called. With over 1.1 M followers on Instagram, her exclusive collection with Nordstrom last September was reported to have racked up over $1 million in sales in just 24 hours, with several pieces selling out and populating eBay for as much as double the original price.

While Charnas is known as a consistent converter in the beauty and fashion space, the staggering results of her Nordstrom collection have been called “unprecedented,” solidifying her status among the influencer elite and as a results-driven partner for any brand.

My platform has given me the resources to real-life data and feedback by listening to my followers and seeing what they got excited about on my Instagram...We felt an obligation to use this incredible knowledge to give my followers what they wanted….

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