July 2022

The Category Taking Influencer Marketing By Storm

You don't have to look far to find today's top food and home stars. Between our feeds and screens, they're everywhere — racking up views, likes, clicks and deals left and right. DBA's talent are no exception; in fact, our clients lead headlines for their caliber of creativity and demonstrated ability to stretch a viral moment into a multifaceted career.

Take TikTok star Jamie Milner for example. This summer alone she's amassed over 22M views in a single video, all but solidifying her "Everything Delish" accounts as a go-to for quick and easy, healthy and tasty recipes anyone can make at home. Likewise, The Home Edit continue their reign as premier organization gurus, extending their expertise through global retail deals with Walmart and 360-degree brand partnerships most recently with Nature Made Wellblends. Another prime example comes through Adrianna Adarme of "A Cozy Kitchen," whose journey as a creator-turned-2x cookbook author began 10 years ago and has since evolved to include over 1.2M supporters across channels.

This month's recap also spans to include a spotlight on the newest additions to DBA's ever-evolving roster — alongside the latest industry trends, Who's On Content?! podcast episodes, plus helpful insights regarding how to use your platform for advocacy, as shared by influencer-educator Blair Imani alongside Planned Parenthood executive Kelley Robinson.


Alix Frank
Vice President of Talent

What's The Deal? Produced By Digital Brand Architects

On Wednesday, 7/13, Blair Imani co-hosted the latest session of What’s The Deal? alongside Kelley Robinson, the Executive Director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. The fund works to advance access to sexual health care and defend reproductive rights. Together, the two educators shared helpful ways creators can utilize their platforms to advocate for a variety of social causes. Click here to watch the full recap!

Brand Partnerships & Launches

The Home Edit x
Nature Made Wellblends

Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit launched their partnership with Nature Made Wellblends, as a part of a larger 360-degree campaign. The launch included a live panel with health experts from their hometown of Nashville as well as a satellite media tour, which reached an audience of over 57.2M. Nature Made is also a supporter of Clea’s Breast Cancer Fund, which she announced at the end of June.

DBA Talent x Whole Foods

Outdoor cooking and summer are all but synonymous with a good time! That’s why Whole Foods teamed up with Fabrizio Villalpando and Violet Witchel, each who shared their favorite grill recipes and top five condiment trends. Together, their content garnered nearly 10k likes on Instagram.

Mikayla Nogueira x Glamlite

Mikayla Nogueira joined forces with Glamlite to launch her second makeup collection with the brand entitled, “Paht Two.” To date, the collection has been well-received by beauty lovers and fans alike — amassing over TK likes across TK promotional posts.

Stephanie Valentine x NudeStix

Stephanie Valentine, known online as Glamzilla, announced the next phase of her partnership with Nudestix, which includes joining the brand as an ambassador and investor. Stephanie also shared the news of her new collection, gaining over 10k engagements on Instagram and over 60k on TikTok.

DBA Talent x Amazon Lens

To celebrate Pride 2022, Amazon partnered with four DBA talent who created video content that showcased how to #ShopTheLookWithPride using the Amazon Lens — a feature that allows users to upload an outfit photo and shop from similar styles. Garnering buzz across Instagram and TikTok, the content collectively received over 726.4K impressions.

EvetteXO x SHEIN

EvetteXO curated her own edit with major online retailer SHEIN for summer! Through this partnership, she garnered the company millions of impressions, with her audience selling out many items within the first day of launch.

DBA Talent x Poppi

Kate Bartlett and Brigette Pheloung both shared their “Big Flavor Energy” this summer in an out-of-home campaign for Poppi, appearing on billboards and wild postings throughout New York City.

Patrick Starr x Youtube Shorts

Patrick Starrr partnered with YouTube to curate his own limited-edition lollipop in promotion of the platform’s Vidcon drive-thru activation. Pop Off! was filled with Patrick’s favorites: pop rocks, glitter and gold stars.

Dani Dazey x Trixie Motel

In June, Dani made her TV debut as the designer of the much anticipated “Trixie Motel” series on Discovery+ alongside drag legend Trixie Mattel.

Industry News

Jamie Milne x People

Jamie Milne of Everything Delish was featured in an article on People for her rendition of the viral “Jennifer Aniston” salad that took TikTok by storm. Jamie’s video has since been viewed over 22M times!

DBA Talent x Hoda & Jenna Show

Achieng Agutu visited Today’s Hoda & Jenna Show, speaking about how viewers can spark greater self-confidence this summer and beyond. Matt Armato and Beau Ciolino, the creators behind Probably This, joined the co-hosts as well, talking about all-things interior design and their best DIY tips.

Catie Li x Women's Health

Catie Li was featured in Women’s Health’s Naked Issue, where she shared her thoughts on body image and self-worth — including how she’s learned to change the way she views herself as a plus-size model and content creator.

Who's On Content?! Produced by Digital Brand Architects

Hosted by DBA’s SVP Special Projects, EJ James, Who’s On Content?! explores and dissects the influential, behavior-altering power of content through thought-provoking, culturally relevant and industry-shifting dialogue. Episode 14 features beauty powerhouse Stephanie Valentine a.k.a Glamzilla who discusses the many ways in which she uses her content to inspire her community to love themselves first. Designer, podcast host and entrepreneur Pia Baroncini joined for Episode 15, sharing how becoming a creator led her the career she always wanted. Click here to take a listen!

Dear Media:
New Shows & Highlights

Back to the Beach
with Kristin and Stephen

Go behind the scenes of everyone’s favorite iconic hit MTV reality TV series, “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” with OG cast members, Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti, as they rewatch episodes for the first time in 18 years. The former sweethearts relive their high school experiences, break down the truth of what happened on and off camera, including which fights were real, which hookups got complicated, and of course, what really happened in Cabo. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes of Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen, a Dear Media Original podcast.

Going Mental with Eileen Kelly

Sex educator and social media darling Eileen Kelly was on top of the world, running the successful blog KILLER AND A SWEET THANG, when she decided to step away from it all. After struggling with her mental health, Eileen entered treatment at the most infamous mental hospital in the US. Five months and some serious “self-discovery” later, Eileen was discharged and created GOING MENTAL, a podcast dedicated to destigmatizing the mental journeys we are all on. Eileen interviews some of today’s most compelling media figures, influencers, celebrities, and mental health experts on topics ranging from body image, to addiction, to the prison industrial complex, to the fashion industry, and everything in between. New episodes every Thursday.

Soul On Fire with Jordan Younger

Jordan Younger is the entrepreneur & creator behind The Balanced Blonde, a blog, brand, podcast, & loyal community that reaches millions of listeners worldwide looking to live more high vibrational lives. She started this podcast in 2016 to interview dear friends, healers, practitioners, & some of the most successful people on the planet to hear more about how they find balance, joy, success, and spirituality in a fast-paced world. What to expect? Completely raw and unfiltered conversations about spiritual awakening, wellness, nutrition, healing, astrology, channeling, angels & aliens, and realms beyond. New episodes every Wednesday.

Back to the Beach x
Good Morning America

Reality TV star Kristin Cavallari appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her new podcast with co-host and former sweetheart Stephen Colletti.

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