The Future of Holiday Is Now

Year after year, the holiday season continues to shine a light on digital talent and their ability to not only create engaging content for brand partners — but also truly make an impact when it comes to influencing consumer purchase decisions. In a timely article published in August, Forbes shared the news that 2021 U.S. holiday retail sales had reached a forecast of over $1 trillion.

E-commerce is estimated to drive roughly $200 billion from that figure with help from talent, including DBA clients, given their unique experience, authority and massive audiences. Yet unlike years past, social media platforms have now modernized to feature and heavily promote live programming — providing a unique opportunity to tap into the profitability of live video shopping.

To learn more, including how DBA innovates within this space, keep reading and click into the prompts below.

Ariana Pappas

Director of Talent

DBA on Trend: Live Shopping

Research shows online penetration of U.S. retail sales remain elevated year-over-year. Helping maintain traction, modernized live stream shopping has emerged and is growing in popularity among DBA clients including Myriam Sandler of Mothercould, Chriselle Lim, Jordan Andino and Marianna Hewitt thanks to social media — plus other valued platforms such as Amazon Live. To view our full roster, please click here.

Holiday Season Power Players

Courtney Kerr

Returning this holiday season, Courtney Kerr will continue her #KERRentlyChristmas series, offering everything from gift ideas to tips/tricks to holiday hacks. In December of 2020, she notably sold over $40k worth of product in the skincare category, supporting her historical conversion power.

Jenny Cipoletti

The Cipoletti’s have extended an invite into their home via a special holiday adaptation of their popular IG Reels series, Sunday Supper. Known to garner an average of 150k views and 1.5k+ saves week over week, each video entertains with exciting cocktail recipes, delicious dinners, entertaining tips, jaw-dropping tablescapes and beyond, all of which keep their audience inspired throughout the holidays.

Hello Fashion Blog

Holiday planning and decorating come well before most for the Andrew Household. Whether it’s spooky skeletons in the front yard or Christmas garland covering every surface, it’s clear Christine Andrew and family have what it takes to make a house feel like a home for any occasion. With a conversion rate of 8% at massive retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom, Christine’s followers know they can always count on her blog and social channels for inspiration, tips and advice towards all of their holiday shopping needs.

Adrianna Adarme

Adrianna Adarme of A Cozy Kitchen has teamed up with Fleishmann’s Yeast again to create two seasonally inspired recipes to ring in the holiday season. Last year, Adrianna created her Detroit Style Pizza, Salted Honey Parker House Rolls, Mocha Morning Rolls and Butter Pecan Pie, which have garnered over 810k views with high rankings on Google Search.

Britney Vest

Britney Vest a.k.a Fitty Britttty loves to spend the holidays giving back to her community! Each year, she hosts a slew of holiday giveaways with some of her favorite brands to give back. From health and wellness gear to beauty, fashion, gift cards, designer goods, and more, her end-of-year holiday giveaways are a much-anticipated way of thanking those who’ve shown support and rewarding them with amazing gifts.

Caitlin Covington

Caitlin Covington loves to go all out for the holidays — from gift guides for every person on your list to home decor to recipes and beyond. Her audience loves it too! In fact, Caitlin’s holiday gift guides (including guides for parents, men, stocking stuffers, presents under $50, etc.) each garner a routine 4% conversion rate.

Brand Partnerships & Launches

DBA Talent x Dr. Fauci

Team2Moms, Chriselle Lim, Liz Moody, Manny Mua, Olivia Perez and The Home Edit partnered with Dr. Fauci to discuss COVID-19 vaccinations, which included sharing key information and debunking common myths. To date, talent have garnered thousands of views across accounts.

Girl With Curves x QVC

Tanesha Awasthi launched her multi-year, fully size inclusive (XXS-5X) Girl With Curves collection with QVC. As a modern take on classic fashion made to fit and flatter curves of all shapes and sizes, it offers polished but practical, elevated yet effortless wardrobe staples and statement pieces for every aspect of a woman’s life.

Jessi Malay
x Target & Honest Beauty

Jessi Malay partnered with Target and Honest Beauty to have an honest conversation around being a multitasking mother alongside the brand’s celebrity founder Jessica Alba.

Robert Lucas

Robert Lucas of The Sweet Impact will star as a judge on “Baker’s Dozen,” Hulu’s newest baking competition series premiering October 7. Featuring actor Tamera Mowry and chef William Yosses as hosts, the show pits 13 amateur bakers and seasoned professionals against one another who go-head-to-head to determine who’s the best of them all.

Glamzilla x Sephora

In celebration and support of BIPOC brands sold at Sephora, Glamzilla will be featured within Sephora Canada stores through October. “This has been a dream of mine for 10 years now and I can’t believe that [this is] reality,” she writes on Instagram. “All I could think about when I saw my photo in the store is how bad I used to want everything I have now and how grateful I am. It’s been a long journey but a beautiful one and you know what’s even crazier? This is only the beginning!”

Manny Mua
x "Fool Coverage" Podcast

Manny Mua joined forces with his best friend and fellow DBA client Laura Lee to start their own podcast, “Fool Coverage.” Upon launch, it landed as Apple’s #1 Arts Podcast and garnered 490+ five-star ratings as well as over 350k views on YouTube.

EarthyAndy x NB Pure

Earthy Andy and NB Pure came together to launch a new plant-based protein powder with the digestive benefits of pre and probiotics. Plant Powered Protein supports gut health in an easily digestible, high-protein/low-sugar powder that tastes as good as it makes you feel, and is the first product of a line of forthcoming Earthy Andy x NB Pure products.

Recent Events: NYFW & US Open

DBA’s diverse roster of clients, including Olivia Ponton, Achieng Agutu, Jenny Cipoletti and Tenicka Boyd, made a standout impact during the return of NYFW. With packed schedules and appearances at Dior, Coach, Ralph Lauren and many more, each are gearing up to continue taking the fashion industry by storm this fall.

Ralph Lauren invited five DBA talent, including Coco Bassey, Jenny Cipoletti, Olivia Perez, Olivia Ponton and Suede Brooks, to the US Open to enjoy a night of networking, fashion and tennis. Likewise, Kim Crawford invited Venita Aspen and her mother, making for an unforgettable experience.

To view our full roster, please click here.

Industry News

DBA Talent
x American Influencer Awards

A total of 11 DBA clients were nominated for the 2021 American Influencer Awards, which celebrates the influencer community in more than 75 categories and honors those who positively impact our lives through their personalities, knowledge and expertise. Voting closes on September 30; click the image or here to cast your ballot.

Aysha Harun x Sweety High

In a candid interview with premier Gen-Z publisher Sweety High, Aysha Harun speaks to authenticity and what it means to be a Black Muslim influencer who wears a hijab. “I’ve been creating content in the beauty and lifestyle space for over 10 years now. It started off as a summer passion project when I was 16 years old as I was really into makeup and fashion at the time,” she explains. “I noticed there was no one in the space who looked like me, a Black Muslim woman who wore the hijab, and I decided to fill that void myself.”

Keara Wilson x MTV VMAs

Keara Wilson was nominated in the 2021 VMA’s “Best Viral Dance” category for her iconic “Savage” dance, which aired live on Sunday, September 12.

Jordan Andino x CBS News

Jordan Andino was interviewed by CBC news about his pursuit to become the first Filipino chef to earn a Michelin Star. “Being a Filipino Canadian that lives in the US, I’m proud to champion Filipino cuisines as a unique, fun and delicious addition to the world’s culinary palette,” Jordan Andino writes on Instagram. “Hopefully my path, experience and goal to become the first Filipino with a Michelin star will come true — but I can confidently tell you that if it doesn’t, when I look back on it all, I’ll have left nothing on the table and know that I did everything I could to reach my objective.”

Small Business
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Your Live Guide

Your Live Guide is the premier destination for discovering must-see, live social programming brought to you by DBA talent and partners. 


Dear Media:
New Shows & Highlights


Relationships are hard. Whether they be with romantic partners, coworkers, family members or friends, some sh*t is always bound to go down. Hosted by your virtual BFF, TV Host, Kamie Crawford and a new special guest every week, “Relationsh*t” covers all relationship topics — the good, the bad and the straight up sh*tty — nothing is off limits.

Crush the Mindset Spiral

Crush the Mindset Spiral is a podcast designed for the business owner ready to turn their self doubt into inner belief, their fears into fuel and their obstacles into opportunities. You will learn the top mindset strategies and shifts that you will need to experience freedom from the negative thought patterns that threaten your success in entrepreneurship —because what you think affects the way you feel, which impacts the way that you behave.

Backbone Not Wishbone

“If you’re into detailed and specific tactics for success in business and achieving wellness, and want to hear from someone who’s seen and done a lot, you’re in the right place! I wasn’t born in this country, I didn’t go to college, I’ve had to file for bankruptcy, hide from collectors, had my car repossessed and my electricity shut off,” host Alexandra Potora says. “I did a terrible job of managing work/life ‘balance’ and prioritizing my needs. I’ve been the employer and the employee, done the firing and been fired… I am your friend that’s done a lot, seen a lot, f*cked up a lot, yet ultimately managed to achieve both success and happiness.”

Summer of Gold x USA Today

USA Today shares an overview of “Summer of Gold,” detailing how its host — Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan — navigates listeners through sound bytes to piece together the impact the 1996 Games had on women in sports.

Dear Gabby x E! News

E! News covers how in a new interview, Jenna Dewan reflected on her struggle with “postpartum anxiety” after welcoming her and Channing Tatum’s daughter Everly in 2013.

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