The year 2020, while tumultuous for many industries, actually accelerated the role of influencer marketing in the larger marketing mix.

CreatorIQ’s Influencer Marketing Trends: 2021-2025 & Beyond

Pandemic restrictions in 2020 led to major shifts in how people work, live, and travel, resulting in changes in consumer behavior. These shifts in communication made digital and social media the cornerstones of marketing strategy. In a world paused by COVID-19, digital marketing has become the reigning monarch of the marketing mix – and influencer marketing is now the viable heir apparent.

To explore these developments and help marketers conceptualize their long-term influencer marketing strategies, CreatorIQ sourced expert insights from marketers and agency executives including DBA’s Partner & Executive Vice President Reesa Lake, asking them to reflect on 2020 and the trends that emerged. We compiled those trends, along with projections for 2021 and more long-term predictions for the next several years, to help marketers stay ahead of the curve and develop strategies that will empower them to succeed for many years to come.


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