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The DBA 
Mentorship Program

DBA’s mentorship program was created in 2021 to provide knowledge, resources and tangible skills to rising Black creators. The multi-week program is presented in partnership with DBA’s leading platform partners including Meta, TikTok, YouTube and more to help mentees grow their digital footprints and online businesses, and also amplify their unique individual voices.

DBA’s mission is to level the playing field for all creators by bridging the racial pay gap within the creator economy. It is our priority to create equity within influencer marketing and this begins with teaching creators exactly what their rates can — and should — look like. We look forward to welcoming new talent to our mentorship program and encourage those who are interested in participating to apply once applications open later this year.

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2023 Mentorship Program, please apply here.

**US creators only. Application closes on April 10.

Guest Instructors
DBA's Mentorship Program Cohorts
Through the years.
2022 Mentees
Abiola Bishop

New York native Abi shares with her audience travel and fashion hacks from finding flight deals to saving on luxury items.

Janne & Niqui Bishop

A mother-daughter duo passionate about fashion and inspiring women to be their best most confident selves.

Adesijibomi Owoseni

I am a fashion enthusiast who enjoys fun explorations, luxury living, and unique style whilst impacting others through my way of life.

Joy Ofodu

As a celebrated voiceover artist and storyteller, Joy has drawn over 10M views to her original digital comedy content, and countless more to inclusive marketing campaigns globally.

Aissatou Balde

Aissatou Balde is the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of TalesandTurbans.com and the author of Daddies and Daughters Stick Together.

The Kris Life

Atlanta, GA based content creator passionate about helping others find the beauty in their everyday lives.

Armiel Chandler

Armiel Chandler is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer, and content creator, creating a new wave and standard when it comes to being plus-size and fashionable.

Marisa Moore

Marisa Moore is an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and go-to nutrition expert for the media.

Breanna Danielle

Breanna Danielle is a plant-based food blogger and recipe developer.

Pierrah Hilaire

Pierrah Hilaire is a content creator, model, brand strategist and filmmaker passionate about uplifting/ highlighting Black, POC, queer, PwD and women-owned brands.

Folahan Amudipe

I teach & teach by being. Focusing on the education behind caring for your hair & culturally enriching budget-luxury travel experiences.

Zuleyma Benitez

Hello, my name is Zuleyma. I'm a content creator focused on veganism, plants, exotic fruits and all around good vibes.

2021 Mentees
Chichi O.

Chichi is a fashion expert and beauty/lifestyle creator who prides herself on helping women feel confident and showing the world that you could have style — no matter your size and budget!

Jenn Jackson

Jenn has a deep passion for beauty, fashion, and self-care, with a special emphasis placed on natural hair. Her goal is to spread positivity around 4C natural hair and encourage women to love and accept their beautifully imperfect, authentic selves.

Cinneah El-Amin

Cinneah is a travel and financial freedom course creator known as fly.nanced in the online personal finance space. An avid traveler, she teaches others how to enjoy a debt-free, adventurous and limitless life.

Jesyka Harris

Jesyka is a mother, fashion model, attorney, avid traveler, and human rights advocate based in Los Angeles, California. Her platform and vision grew out of encouraging women to embrace their natural talents and beauty, and how to live healthily and embrace their fullest potential.

Gabby Beckford

Gabby is a Gen Z travel expert and entrepreneur who uses her platform to show ambitious young women why they should be obsessed with seeking risk, seizing opportunity, and seeing the world.

Joy Navon

Joy is a 27-year-old Brooklyn, NY native with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. As a beauty and lifestyle influencer, she shares hair tutorials, beauty tips, home inspiration, and bits of life experience.

Iyda Michael

As a natural hair and lifestyle vlogger (plus, accountant and entrepreneur), Iyda Michael is passionate about helping others — especially women — learn how to embrace their natural beauty, inside and out.

Lynda Jay

Lynda is a beauty and lifestyle influencer who utilizes her platforms to push inclusivity by shamelessly empowering underrepresented women and redefining beauty. She represents fearlessness, which is encouraged through the acknowledgement of self sufficiency and the practice of self-love.

Jen Jean Pierre

Jen is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with a passion for living by the motto "inhale fashion, exhale style". Her content is a mix of personal style and body-positive messaging in a transparent, yet very personable manner.

Tomi Obebe

Tomi is a full-time content creator based in Charlotte, NC. With corporate digital marketing experience and an MBA from Clemson University, she's been able to combine her passion for business with her personal style.