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School is in session.

As much as we don’t care to admit it, August is the Sunday of summer. Not only is it the beginning of back-to-school season, August also brings more anticipation for the fun holiday season ahead. An important time for brands to tap into creators for family content, whether it’s traditional, chosen, or blended.  

Whether you’re a parent on the hunt for the next best kids’ gadget, a fellow creator looking for fresh content ideas, or a brand exploring marketing opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. With over 65 family creators, our roster will help you find what you need. 

  • Discover inspiration for your littles’ lunchboxes with the queen of bento boxes herself, @sulheejessica. 
  • Explore tips for acing those early morning routines with toddler experts, @biglittlefeelings. 
  • Get to know the heartwarming surrogacy stories of this family of five, @terrell.and.jarius. 
  • Embrace education and representation with the incredible two-mom family, @team2moms. 
  • See what parenting two sets of twins looks like with fashion and food blogger, @stirandstyle 
  • Find new ways to engage your kids after a day of school with the ultimate parenting hacks creator, @mothercould 
  • Have a good laugh over relatable parenting moments with OG Vine creators, @lianev and @donbenjamin. 
  • Shop for stylish children’s bedroom staples from fashion blogger, @juliaberolzheimer. 

Looking ahead, September promises to be another month full of excitement. Between Hispanic Heritage Month, New York Fashion Week, and the reintroduction of pumpkin spice menu items (you know you’re secretly excited), there’s a lot on the radar and we’ll see you next month for some exciting fashion and culture coverage.  

Team DBA 

You asked, we answered.

Curious about how influencers skyrocket to fame or the inner workings of the creator economy? In this new segment of our newsletter, we're answering all the commonly asked questions you may have about the dynamic world of influencers and the creator economy. Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a curious enthusiast, or a brand looking to tap into influencer marketing, we've got you covered.

How can a creator who runs a weekly newsletter effectively capture the interest of brands operating within their travel niche? Should they prioritize extensive outreach efforts, or should their primary focus be fostering growth?

Doing proactive outreach is always a good idea, but focusing on producing engaging content and building a strong, engaged community is key. This will give you more leverage (analytics that show your influence and reach) when it comes to attracting the attention of brands within your niche!

What is one tip you would give to a creator trying to land brand partnerships?

Give brands a value proposition and craft a personalized and creative pitch that demonstrates how your content aligns with their brand and goals. Do some research and see if they have any products that you can seamlessly incorporate into your content. Link to content on your page that gives them a visual idea of what that might look like. By giving brands a compelling campaign idea, you not only showcase your understanding of their needs but also illustrate how your content can bring their message to life in an engaging and authentic way.

When is someone ready for talent management?

It's different for everyone! You have to access what you want out of management to dictate the timing and approach that best suits your goals. Looking for a manager is like dating. It’s a relationship you’re getting into, so don’t take it lightly! Do your research and make sure you know who you're working with. Ask around -- ask your friends, family, and ask to speak to other talent at the management company. Have those candid conversations to determine whether you're ready for management yet.

New Signs
April Lockhart

April Lockhart is a Nashville-based clean-beauty and fashion expert, lifestyle creator. Starting her career in the beauty industry and influencer space, April truly understands the ins and outs of social-first marketing and how to appeal to and inspire a digital audience. Born with amniotic band syndrome, she is a passionate advocate for disability awareness on her platform and has found community through her Disabled Fashion Girlie content which has accumulated millions of views. April has partnered with top brands including Kate Space, Estee Lauder, Free People, and Anthropologie. Her story has been featured in Vogue, The Cut, Domino, Refinery 29, Fast Company, and more.

Dana Rose

Dana Rose is a social media personality known primarily for posting POV and fashion videos. She first began posting content in 2020 and since then has accumulated over 1M+ followers and over 41k likes on her profile. She has expressed the importance of signing with management who has diverse connections in the industry as she would love to steer away from solely curve fast-fashion and shift focus on overall lifestyle and attainable luxury fashion. Dana would love to make an impact in the plus-size industry and a long-term goal of hers is to collab with a brand to expand their size range. She’s partnered with top global brands including Yitty, NARs, Amazon, and Bumble.

Fiona Chen

Born with a heart for exploration and a mind that craves the unknown, Fiona found her true passion as a travel content creator living in New York City. Her lust for adventure led her to discover the wonders of the world, transforming her into a trusted source of travel knowledge and inspiration. Fiona’s unique ability to combine immersive storytelling, valuable travel advice, and the ability to share her life online has garnered her a devoted following with the ability to influence millions of people globally. Fiona's expertise lies not only in her extensive knowledge of destinations, cultures, and travel logistics but also in her everyday lifestyle and beauty tips. Her attention to detail is unmatched, and her commitment to delivering visually stunning experiences has set her apart in the realm of travel and lifestyle content creation.

Ines Tazi

From Netflix personality to social activist, Ines Tazi sits at the crossroads of beauty, high fashion and pop culture. The LA-based French-Moroccan loves creating bridges between cultures, traveling the world and inspiring her community with authentic, elevated and quirky content. Since starring in Season 1 of Netflix’s The Perfect Match, Ines has amassed nearly 1 million followers across her social platforms and has made it her goal to uplift the voices of women everywhere. From sharing her endeavors as a female entrepreneur to vocalizing favorite social causes, Ines is creating a welcoming, safe space for her audience.

Kaitlin Reagan

Kaitlin Reagan is an internet personality and content creator, who has openly shared her experience of losing her boyfriend of 10 years to cancer. She is known for displaying her true authenticity online, including her and her late partner's inspiring love story. She has amassed close to 3.5 million followers across various social media platforms that now follow her on her journey to finding inner peace, and discovering her own identity. Although she hasn't entirely mastered who she is, she has mastered her life's purpose which is to change the way we see the world for the better and most importantly to give people out in the world, who have dealt with hard times, someone to relate to.

Lisa Joy

Lisa is a beauty content creator from Kenya who is turning heads with her style of reviews when it comes to makeup artistry. She discovered her passion for makeup at a young age and after graduating University, she decided to focus solely on content creation in beauty and reviews. She has amassed a following of over 700k collectively across all platforms and has garnered the attention of brands such as Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, and more.

Makenzie & Malia Fowler

Welcome to the vibrant world of Makenzie and Malia, two Arizona-based sisters who are capturing the essence of sisterhood and GenZ experiences through content creation and their lively podcast, “Big Sis Energy.” With their unique blend of advice, anecdotes, and candid conversations, these dynamic sisters are redefining what it means to be a supportive and empowering sibling duo. Makenzie and Malia have created a safe space for their audience within the digital realm, where they fearlessly embrace all that life offers.

Mary Skinner

Mary Skinner is a D.C.-based content creator who is always thinking about her next book, outfit, or act of self-care. She implements conversations around mental health advocacy and body acceptance into her lifestyle content and podcast, often discussing what it’s like living with bipolar disorder or centering her fashion GRWM videos around feeling body confident. The foundation of her platform is built around uplifting women, practicing vulnerability, and always putting yourself first. When not online, Mary enjoys long walks to the nearest bookstore, daily matcha runs, and spending as much time in nature as possible. Mary has a dedicated following and has worked with several leading brands including Steve Madden, Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Tilbury and more.

Silvana Mojica

Balancing her time between Miami and Montauk, Silvana Mojica is known for her captivating online presence and humorous personality. She was born in Colombia and came to the US when she was just five years old, growing up in Orlando, Florida. Silvana's journey as an influencer began as a way to share her love for fashion, beauty, and travel. As her platform grew, she has added a focus to highlight sustainability and mental health. She is excited to further grow her relationships with favorite brands like Free People and Urban Outfitters. Additionally, she is absolutely obsessed with animals whether it be hiding treats around her home for her adorable pup Brody or trying to visit a local farm she discovered.

Tessa Smith

Tessa introduces cooking to her audience with an irresistible blend of vibrance, liveliness and entertainment. Her goal is to make even the most novice cook feel confident and inspired to step into the kitchen and tackle technical recipes with ease. Tessa also has a deep passion for health, wellness, and living an active life. She strives to motivate and inspire her audience in and out of the kitchen. Although Tessa may carry the name of “Le Bored Chef,” she effortlessly dismisses this notion by placing captivating excitement into the realm of cooking.

The Power of
Fashion Influencers.

In the world of fashion, few events hold as much prestige, glamour, and influence as New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This bi-annual extravaganza is the epicenter of creativity and style, attracting industry insiders, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. But NYFW isn’t just about showcasing the hottest looks of the season; it plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the influencer industry.  

As NYFW continues to adapt to the digital age, its relationship with influencers has evolved. Many designers now prioritize influencer collaborations alongside traditional celebrity endorsements. The democratization of fashion through social media has also led to greater diversity in the influencers who attend and cover NYFW, reflecting the evolving standards of beauty and style in the industry.  

Last year, DBA hosted a live panel at the Samsung 837 space discussing this very matter and the importance of fashion inclusivity. 

This year, you can expect even more dynamic insight as some of DBA’s resident fashion influencers provide exclusive behind-the-scenes looks in the upcoming weeks. 

NYFW Behind The Scenes

Stay updated on all things NYFW and follow along with some our resident fashion talent below: 

Achieng Agutu
Acquired Style
Aimee Song
Allegra Shaw
Antoni Bumba
April Lockhart
Black Gifford
Camila Coelho
Chriselle Lim
Kate Bartlett
Lauren Wolfe
Marianna Hewitt
Oyin Edogi
Paola Alberdi
Simi Moonlight
Tenicka Boyd
Talent News
Brand Partnerships & Launches

Mikayla Nogueira wins Beauty Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards, an annual award show which honors excellence in online video and the creators behind it in more than 45 award categories. Mikayla is recognized for her exceptional talent, her dedication to her craft, and the genuine connection she has built with her audience, making her a true standout in the beauty community. 

Olivia Ponton was named to Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report! The annual list celebrates the top 25-and-under making an impact in the entertainment industry. Variety highlighted the creator and model’s work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and Paco Rabanne and how she’s doing her part in redefining the norm with her unparalleled creativity and authenticity.

TikTok star Zahra spoke on "The Internet Raised Me” panel at ZCON, where she discussed all things self esteem, empowerment and the effects of a digital youth. The first of its kind, ZCON is a community-first, IRL experience that gives Gen Z the center stage and provides a platform for their unique digital native perspective.

DBA talent took over the Glossy Beauty Pop event last month. The beauty summit brought brand leaders and influencers together for a day of panels, roundtables, meetings, and networking. Chriselle Lim spoke on “The Power of Influence: Revamping and Rebranding” panel and Glamzilla and Ashley Tisdale spoke on “The TikTok Effect” panel.

Mothercould released a Sunscreen Brush Set that encourages your little ones to take charge during sunscreen application and even enjoy the process, helping you resolve your application battle from start to finish. The dense yet gentle face and body brushes ensure even coverage, while the protective caps and cleaning mat help maintain the cleanliness of your tools.

Jackie Aina partnered with Alfa Romeo and Vox to unveil the highly anticipated 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale. While the world of makeup and beauty may seem far removed from luxury automobiles, both Jackie and Alfa Romeo share the spirit of indulgence, elegance, and empowerment. The OG YouTube beauty creator is known for her impeccable taste and makeup expertise, and made for the perfect partner for the collaboration, highlighting Alfa Romeo’s luxury artistry and craftsmanship.

Carissa Stanton's debut cookbook, a project that’s been years in the making, is available for pre-order now! With 100 approachable and nourishing recipes, “Seriously, So Good” is an ode to falling in love with a balanced palette. The cookbook reflects the food blogger’s passion for feel-good cooking and features some of her all-time favorites (Greek-style lemon chicken soup, anyone?).

Introducing the Dani Klarić Collection with Yaya & Co! This collection represents a long-cherished dream come true for the Miami based interior decorator. Every piece embodies Dani’s deep love for vibrant colors and captivating designs, meticulously brought to life in an ethical and sustainable manner. From statement keychains to luxurious pillows and uniquely inspired rugs, the Dani Klarić Collection offers an array of home décor pieces that are designed to bring color to your life and home.

The “Nailed It!” spinoff, “The Big Nailed It Baking Challenge,” is now streaming on Netflix! Watch Robert Lucas of The Sweet Impact teach aspiring bakers how to reach their full baking potential as they compete for the $100,000 prize.

A project two years in the making, the Jasmine Le x Doe Beauty “Hi Hottie” lash is glam and versatility wrapped up in one perfect package! The fashion and beauty creator worked tirelessly to create the perfect lashes suited for all eye shapes and occasions.

As part of her ambassador program with Bandier, Lauren Ireland launched her first edit with them in September and is a continued partner of the brand. The edit is her capsule collection featuring all of her favorite pieces for every day or movement.

Rachael DeVaux has partnered with the Seattle Seahawks to add her chicken enchilada skillet recipe to the Lumen Field Suites menu for the entire NFL season.

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The Digital Brand Architects User-Generated Content Division was launched in 2023 to meet the rising demand for diverse content and genuine product representation. User-generated content offers brands a unique opportunity to drive awareness, increase trust, and build positive sentiment, making it an essential component of their marketing strategy. While brands have historically been successful utilizing traditional social media marketing tactics, today’s consumers are looking for more diverse content and genuine product representation, making UGC the next evolution within the creator economy.

Get to know a few of our UGC creators:
Ade Owoseni

Ade Owoseni is a Houston based content creator. He runs a Gen Z/Millenial hub where he tells his story while inspiring others to live a life they love through conversations, styling, fun explorations, and delicious meals. Ade loves shopping, traveling, skincare, and fashion. With experience in high-quality content creation and advertising campaigns with social media strategy, Ade has successfully positioned himself as a top Influencer across multiple social platforms.

Gabby Beckford

Gabby Beckford is the award-winning content creator behind the @packslight, most notably on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. She specializes in visually interesting, entertaining, educational, and relatable short-form video and shareable graphics in the travel, lifestyle, hair, and finance spaces. The tone of her content is usually Gen Z forward and lighthearted, but packed with value. Gabby has been a part of various creator programs run by Meta, LinkedIn, and TikTok and thus integrates best practices for content on each platform into her work.

Linoya Friedman

Linoy Friedman is a content creator who has worked in the fashion, lifestyle, and food industries since 2017. She has helped many brands build a visual identity from the ground up by doing everything from creative direction to full photoshoot productions and social media management. In 2022, Linoy started the viral TikTok trend "What People Are Wearing" and grew her following to a combined number of almost 1M followers. She has created viral content for clients such as Revolve, PurseBlog, Oliver Peoples, and more.

Rita Mashkova

Rita is a content creator, recipe developer, and home cook from Los Angeles. She's inspired by the bounty of seasonal produce in her home state and aims to create fresh, vibrant, seasonal recipes that will make every day feel a little more special. Through her dishes and cocktails, she hopes to encourage followers to try something new and delicious in the kitchen – whether that's a recipe or a product. Rita loves pasta, any and all dips, dirty martinis, tacos, and everything pickled.

Industry News
FoodieCon, An Instagram Food Influencer Event, To Debut In New York This Fall
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The definitive guide to what’s in and out for influencer marketing in 2023
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Meta's Reels revenue narrows in on TikTok, boosted by AI
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Influencers Navigate Strike Minefield
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TikTok follow-up Lemon8 is flopping in the U.S.
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The Influencer Scandal Flurry: What It Means for Crisis Comms' Future
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Yes, influencers can steer people to your store – if you do this
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Web3 app Friend.tech lets influencers literally cash in on their follower counts
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Marketing Briefing: Why concerns of influencer marketing oversaturation are overblown
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Brands, collabs, products, and platforms to watch.

This is Digital Brand Products' Monthly Roundup! This segment will provide valuable insight into emerging digital platforms, unique brand collabs, industry updates, and more that will keep you in the know about the ever-changing consumer landscape.

For new personal care brand Hempress Hygienics, hemp is the fiber of the future. By using hemp, the brand is aiming to create more sustainable offerings within the disposable product space. While the brand’s menstrual care products are at the core of the business, it's also launching with personal care offerings, including cosmetic pads and swabs. With the initial launch and future product expansion, which will include hemp tampons set to launch next year, the team is focused on disposable products.

For her second collaboration with Pottery Barn, the fashion influencer and mom-of-two created an exclusive new collection of nursery and kids' room essentials. Featuring pastel pinks and greens and nature-inspired patterns, the collection has everything from gorgeous floral quilts, dollhouse-shaped bookcases, to plush recliners and chairs. Whether you're a new parent in need of decor for your baby's nursery or a seasoned mom looking to refresh your kid's room with a touch of elegance and charm, this collaboration offers you everything you need to elevate their space.

SAYSO is the creator of the world's first craft cocktail tea bags, a refreshing innovation in the ready-to-drink space. The brand uniquely fills a void in the market between ready-to-drink mixers and labor-intensive cocktail kits, offering up flavorful varieties like the Skinny Spicy Margarita and the Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule. SAYSO also mindfully packages its products in pouches made from PCR materials. With this fusion beverage format, consumers can effortlessly savor artisanal cocktails by simply steeping a tea bag, unlocking a blend of flavors without the need for extensive mixology skills or specialized bar equipment.

Spill is a social media app that was created by two former Twitter employees, Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown. In Spill, users can make posts with text, video, photos and gifs. The app is still in its early stages, as it’s only available on iOS and requires an invite to join. Still, Spill is gaining steam as a place for Twitter users to go if they decide to leave Twitter, as it aims to block hate speech and give credit to creators. Spill differs from apps like Threads in that it appears to be much more gif and photo forward, and allows for monetization of viral posts. Spill’s designers are also ensuring that creators get credit for their posts, and are using blockchain technology to track what users post.

Action Points

Consumers have an affinity towards products that evoke a sense of nostalgia, presenting opportunity for brands to create products that do just that. Collaborations like Gap X LoveShackFancy offer that classic all-American feel twisted with a new hint of cozy, girlishness courtesy of LoveShackFancy.

There's opportunity for brands to enhance existing products to better meet user needs, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Look to brands like Hempress that are taking everyday products and improving them with sustainable materials, allowing them to stand out in a saturated category.

Homeowners have developed a renewed interest in home renovation projects over the past three years, creating a higher demand for products in the DIY home category. Crate & Barrel's new home improvement collection is a great example of a brand leveraging this opportunity. They're providing convenient solutions for renovation projects like design-forward kitchen and bathroom hardware, vanities, and islands that don’t require demolition.

Digital Golf Collective

Stay in the loop and get the latest updates from Digital Golf Collective (DGC), the leading marketing and talent management agency with a specialized focus in golf. Access exclusive insights and stay informed about new signs, news, and developments in the world of golf talent. Whether you're an avid golfer, a passionate follower of the sport, or an industry professional, check out DGC's endeavors and keep up to date on all things golf below.

DGC News

Digital Golf Collective recently signed Original Penguin as a new retainer client to expand brand awareness within the golf industry. As part of this new deal, DGC will support Original Penguin to make improvements on how the brand is perceived through organic, curated branded content and strategic paid media strategies.

Callaway Golf has hired Digital Golf Collective as its agency of record in the U.S. market. DGC will work with Callaway to grow brand presence, expand community and social channels, and drive sales. It will be supporting Callaway Golf and Odyssey Golf brands in the U.S. market, specifically advising on creative and brand strategy, social and digital, influencer and ambassador management, event and live activations, as well as paid media strategy and distribution.

Talent News

DGC talent Carlee Shoemaker, Remec Carlson, and Tisha Alyn partnered with PGATOUR2K for the TOUR Championship in Atlanta, GA. DGC Talent along with other golf creators, participated in a bracket style Topgolf tournament where the highest score wins. Remec Carlson came out victorious and won a Victor Solomon trophy along with a $10K donation under his name to the organization First Tee.

Dear Media Shows & Highlights

Get ready to immerse yourself in the largest self-love podcast and movement - your #1 destination for personal growth and mental health. I'm your host Violet Benson, known as Daddy Issues meme queen, comedian, and motivational speaker, but most importantly, I'm YOUR big sister.

Each month, we explore a new topic with amazing guests, inspiring conversations, and life-changing solo episodes. Drawing on my own personal experiences (where I learned everything the hard way) and researched expert advice, we'll tackle critical areas like self-improvement, mental health, and relationships with plenty of useful tools, relatable humour and candid advice. Get ready to feel empowered, liberated, and seen like never before! Don't wait another moment to become the best version of yourself - Change your life and subscribe to Almost Adulting!

Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari premieres Sept. 12, and will feature the reality star, lifestyle entrepreneur and mom of three getting real about all different kinds of relationships -- from personal, romantic and family bonds, to relationships with food, wellness, spirituality, career and more.

Every Tuesday, the Uncommon James founder will welcome a special guest, ranging from celebrities to experts, for candid, thought-provoking conversations to gain insight and develop new tools for building healthy relationships in every area of life. And while Cavallari loves to learn, she also loves to have fun, so audiences can certainly expect lots of laughs – along with the bold honesty that made Cavallari a cultural icon – every step of the way.

Join best friends Angela and Sai as they share their unique perspectives on life, careers, and everything in between. Each week, they'll dive into a new topic and offer their unfiltered opinions, hilarious anecdotes, and witty banter. Whether you're a busy professional, a free spirit, or somewhere in between, you'll find something to relate to in the dynamic duo of these best friends.