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Get ready for spring cleaning.

January was all about fresh starts and resolutions and February was all about big pop culture moments (Black History Month, Lunar New Year, Super Bowl, the Grammys, and fashion weeks all in one month?!). As we slowly enter March and look forward to warmer days ahead, we anticipate the rise of new trends and a reinvigorated social media space – in true spring-cleaning fashion. 

This season, we’re paying close attention to home creators. With a finger on the pulse of design trends, these creators are going to shape the narrative of spring content as they invite us to reimagine our spaces and embrace the spirit of a proper refresh.  

From funky decor ideas to garden harvest baskets to custom rug making, DBA’s home creators have you covered for all your spring inspiration needs: 

Happy spring cleaning refreshing!

Team DBA   

You asked, we answered.

Curious about how influencers skyrocket to fame or the inner workings of the creator economy? In this new segment of our newsletter, we're answering all the commonly asked questions you may have about the dynamic world of influencers and the creator economy. Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a curious enthusiast, or a brand looking to tap into influencer marketing, we've got you covered.

Why should creators care about personal branding?

Creators should care about personal branding because it allows them to establish a distinct identity, differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape, and unlock opportunities for growth, collaboration, and monetization. A strong personal brand not only builds credibility and trust but also serves as a foundation for long-term success and sustainability.

What is brand voice and why should creators have one?

Brand voice is an essential component of a creator's identity and communication strategy – it's the unique personality that your community follows you for. By defining and cultivating a distinct brand voice, creators can effectively communicate their message and build a strong and recognizable online presence.

How do I find my personal brand?

Reflect on your values and passions. What sets you apart from others in your field and what do you want to become known for as a creator? Make sure you have a solid understanding of your own core message and value proposition first. Then, defining your audience and understanding their needs, interests, and challenges often helps tailor your brand to resonate with your community more effectively.

New Signs
DeAsia Green

DeAsia Green is the wife of NFL player, Antoine Green of the Lions, and a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Acting as a built-in big sister, DeAsia passionately spreads love within her community of women striving for their healthiest selves. DeAsia's goal is clear to empower women to realize their capability for success, illuminate life's hardships through personal storytelling, and provide a dose of comedic relief, and embracing the best version of oneself. During the season, DeAsia and her cat Remy stay cozy in Detroit while Antonine chases the ring and in the off-season, the native Floridians return home to the southern heat to be near their family. Now, DeAsia's audience has been closely following their journey to conceive and she cannot wait to begin this next adventure.

Flaviana Matata

Flaviana Matata is a worldly renowned international fashion model who has walked the runway for many top designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu and Vivienne Westwood; graced the pages of magazines like Vogue, Essence, Grazia, Glamour and Marie Claire, and worked for brands like Bare Minerals, La Mer, Clarins, Fenty, Lancôme, Kenzo, Kenneth Cole, American Express and Alexander McQueen. Beyond modeling, Flaviana is on a mission to make a difference in the world through service to others.

Janyl Smith

As a wife, mommy, estate planning attorney, and former wealth advisor, Janyl Smith is passionate about creating content that inspires her audience of moms to enjoy life with their children and appreciate the gift that is motherhood. Her goal is to encourage and educate her community online and beyond. Janyl’s content is centered around candid moments with her children, specifically her daughter Summer, and entertains moms and "non-moms" alike. Her community loves to watch Summer engage with their entire family while also looking to Janyl as a resource to educate them on various aspects of parenting young children.

Jayla Henry

Jayla Henry, is 28-year-old family and lifestyle creator hailing from Dallas, Texas. With her husband Tony by her side and their adorable children Braylon and Nyla, Jayla brings a dose of authenticity, humor, and real-life mom moments to the all of her content. Jayla empowers others to embrace their own stories and find joy in the everyday. Through her authenticity and relatability, she's built an incredibly engaged and growing community of 2.3 million followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Jordan Torrey

Jordan Torrey, AKA Farnum Grindtime, is a self-taught home chef who found his inspiration in the kitchen through creating delicious meals for his wife, Jaclyn Hill. After spending years behind the camera for his own videography company and creating commercials for major brands, Jordan decided to step in front of the lens to share his love of cooking infused with his comedic personality. His relatable trials and tribulations of cooking create a space for his audience to feel they can try their hand in the culinary space even if it doesn’t always go according to plan. In January 2024, Jordan made his television debut on Fox’s Season 3 of Next Level Chef which will be running through the spring with an average of 16.8 million viewers.

Kyra Nikole

Kyra Nikole is a Gen Z beauty content creator and self-taught makeup artist based in Los Angeles. From a young age, she loved creating art and content and grew up in a close-knit community that fueled her creativity and shaped this passion. From day in the life vlogs to lip gloss combo tutorials to GRWM’s for first dates, Kyra loves welcoming her audience into all parts of her everyday life. Kyra places significant importance on portraying herself in a manner that serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for her audience, encouraging them to believe in themselves. She is currently a part of Sephora Squad and recently launched her own jewelry collection with Adae Jewelry.

Lex Nicoleta

Lex Nicoleta is the TikTok sensation who has redefined the Hamptons chic aesthetic as "coastal grandma." With a talent for hosting, elevating tablescapes, and creating appetizing delights, Lex imparts her expertise to a growing audience. Her engaging tutorials offer valuable insights on infusing gatherings with style and flair. Lex's journey to fame includes her widely acclaimed "Martini Girl" series, where she embarked on a quest to discover the perfect Martini. Her charismatic personality and genuine appreciation for the finer things in life have garnered a highly engaged community. Beyond her online presence, Lex successfully juggles family life as a devoted mother and wife.

Marena Nicole

Marena Nicole is an on the rise beauty and lifestyle creator who is currently in full time school to train to become a pilot. Marena is based in Saint Augustine, Florida, and after graduating from Flagler College in 2023 with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing, she began pursuing a career in content creation. She has quickly become a leading voice in the hair space, garnering over 75 million views across her hair content in just a year. Marena just kicked off aviation school to become a pilot and can’t wait to take her audience along for the journey while remaining an expert voice for beauty.

Stacy Thiru

Stacy Thiru is a Los Angeles-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer. Renowned for her authenticity, unwavering confidence, and comedic flair, she's the "Internet Best Friend" to her audience, offering a wide range of advice from relationships to makeup. Stacy takes pride in embracing her Kenyan heritage within her content, establishing a strong bond with her followers and championing representation. Notably, she was chosen to be part of "The Crib Around the Corner," the first TikTok content house for Black creators in LA.

Tatyana Lafata

Tatyana Lafata is a prominent figure in the online beauty community. Her signature butterfly haircut has gained widespread inspiration among followers. She places emphasis on healing your skin from within and is constantly recommending products to her audience on how to best achieve optimal glowy skin. As a Gen-Z living in Boston, she still often refers to her Brazilian heritage. Tatyana remains at the forefront of trends, often being the first to test and share the latest products, sparing her followers the need to do so themselves.

Toni Bravo

Toni Bravo is a vibrant beauty content creator who has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Known for her unique blend of creativity and authenticity, Toni has become a trendsetter in the beauty community. Her passion for makeup artistry and skincare shines through in every video, where she effortlessly shares tips, tricks, and product recommendations with her dedicated followers. As a Gen Z creator living in Los Angeles, Toni has her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations, keeping her audience on the cutting edge of the beauty world. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a warm, relatable personality, Toni is more than just a content creator; she's a source of inspiration and empowerment for her ever-growing community.

Black History Month

Black History Month is a time for reflection, education, and recognition of the history and achievements of the Black community. Whether it’s supporting Black-owned businesses, furthering your education on Black history, or diversifying your bookshelf, remember to take action beyond just the month of February.

Below, we compiled some (compelling) industry statistics and asked our DBA creators what kind of change they wanted to see from the industry and any advice they have for aspiring creators.

Black creators consistently outperform.
Changes creators want to see from the industry.

Here’s what Richard of @TheRealDadsofNewYork had to say:

I would like to see several key improvements to better support and empower Black content creators.

Firstly, there needs to be an increased emphasis on equitable representation in brand collaborations and sponsorships. Black creators often face disparities in opportunities and compensation compared to their counterparts. Brands must commit to diversity not just in their external marketing but in their actual business practices.

Secondly, platforms should enhance their algorithms to promote diversity and inclusion. Too often, these algorithms can inadvertently perpetuate systemic biases, limiting the visibility of Black creators. A more transparent and inclusive algorithmic approach is essential.

Moreover, there should be more initiatives for education and mentorship tailored towards Black creators. These programs can provide the necessary tools, resources, and industry insights that are often less accessible to marginalized groups.

Additionally, platforms and agencies should actively work to combat racism and discrimination within the industry. This includes implementing stricter policies against hate speech and providing better support systems for creators who face harassment.

Lastly, there should be more research and dialogue on the unique challenges faced by Black creators. As an academic, I believe in the power of knowledge and education to bring about change. Engaging in continuous conversations and studies can help the industry evolve to be more inclusive and supportive of Black creators.

Talent News

Brigette Romanek’s debut book, Livable Luxe, was nominated for an NAACP Image Awards in Outstanding Literary, Instructional. With Brigette’s innovative vision and unparalleled expertise in the interior design space, it comes as no surprise that Livable Luxe has captivated readers and critics alike.

In preparation for the Super Bowl, T-Mobile invited Meredith Hayden, AKA Wishbone Kitchen, to the set of their commercial, where she got to cook Vodka Pasta for the crew and shoot content (with Jason Mamoa!) to promote Home Internet.

Bravo superstar and fashion and lifestyle influencer, Venita Aspen, co-created the Invincible Friendship Bracelet with Little Words Project for their latest Kindfluencer drop. It’s a charming addition to your wrist-stack and serves as the perfect reminder of resilience to get you through the day!

Recreating Kalejunkie's Life Changing Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies has never been easier! The food creator collaborated with the GoNanas team to recreate her viral cookie recipe in mix form and the result is a delicious, easy-to-make chocolate chip cookie.

Yummertime partnered up with SYNERGY for their 7 Day Challenge campaign. The couple documented a normal week in their life with the addition of a daily SYNERGY drink to see if there were any differences in energy, mood, sleep and more.

Emily Uribe headed to the People's Choice Awards with Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes to catch up with some of your favorite stars on the red carpet. Whether it’s their favorite seat at the movie theater or what their most anticipated movie of the year is, Emily got the inside scoop!

Catie Li joined as a panelist for Meta Creator's 2024 Beauty Summit in LA! The fashion, beauty and lifestyle creator spoke to over 200 beauty brands about representation and partnerships, emphasizing the importance of adding more diversity to campaigns.

Chef and food creator, Emily Fedner, developed Babushka, an Eastern European dumpling menu, with Hungry House as a tribute to her heritage. The menu highlights flavors from her childhood and features a variety of dumplings paired with delicious butters, sides, and sauces.

Fashion and beauty influencer Nazanin Kavari teamed up with TA3 to create the ultimate collection to elevate your everyday wardrobe. The collab features gorgeous dresses and bodysuits, complete with built-in shapewear, that add a playful twist to your basics.

Peyton Pratte of Choosing Balance teamed up with GoNanas to restock their iconic Cookie Dough Banana Bread Mix. It’s vegan, gluten free, nut free, and the ultimate indulgent treat for all cookie dough lovers out there.

Olivia Tiedemann teamed up with Kettle & Fire as a long term partner to bring her audience delicious recipes utilizing the brand's products. The first two videos of this partnership, which have garnered over 12.9M views, owe their success to the authentic fit of the brand and allowing Olivia to stay true to her voice.

Silvana Mojica and Xandra Pohl joined forces with Go Puff and Jo Malone to create some iconic Galentine’s content. It’s seamless product integration, creative storytelling, and the sweetest friendship all wrapped up in two perfect campaigns!

After many organic features of Vaseline products in her videos, Jackie Aina has now teamed up with the brand to promote their new Radiant X line. The authentic nature of the partnership resonated well with her audience, resulting in over 500+ products sold from Jackie's LTK link alone.

Olivia Ponton collaborated with AminoLean on their 'GO-GETTER' campaign for their limited edition Strawberry Colada energy drink. Selected for her tenacity and go-getter attitude, the model and creator shared everything from advice to her ins-and-outs list of 2024.

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The Digital Brand Architects User-Generated Content Division was launched in 2023 to meet the rising demand for diverse content and genuine product representation. User-generated content offers brands a unique opportunity to drive awareness, increase trust, and build positive sentiment, making it an essential component of their marketing strategy. While brands have historically been successful utilizing traditional social media marketing tactics, today’s consumers are looking for more diverse content and genuine product representation, making UGC the next evolution within the creator economy.

Get to know a few of our UGC creators:
Arielle Francois

Arielle is a Dallas-based fashion and lifestyle content creator. Her multicultural perspective infuses every piece of content she creates, resonating deeply with a diverse audience. Arielle's marketing background sets her apart as it allows her to effortlessly understand industry and social media trends. Arielle is eager to collaborate with brands that share her values and believe in the transformative power of authentic storytelling.

Blair Crosby

Blair is a multi-hyphenate creative based in Atlanta and D.C. She creates lifestyle content and UGC that's centered around food, drinks, wellness, and travel. She has worked in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry for over a decade, and she has used her knowledge to create thoughtful and engaging content for many different brands in the past. Her diverse background allows her to be able to offer a variety of different types of creative concepts and ideas for high converting content. She enjoys collaborating with brands to tell compelling stories, connect with audiences, build community, and curate digital spaces for people to elevate. Her work is aesthetic centered, authentic, engaging and insights-driven.

Brittney Cho

Brittney is the creator behind Glam Luxe Style. She is a passionate content creator that specializes in beauty, food & drink, and fashion. Brittney creates high-quality photos and videos that are crisp, elevated, and captivating. She has a deep understanding of the social media landscape and is always in the know of the latest and hottest trends and filming styles. While well-known for her macro shots, she is also experienced in creating a multitude of other varieties of content such as flat lays, lifestyle, GRWM’s, voiceovers, how-to’s, etc. for different categories - she can do it all!

Genna Marks

Genna Marks is a Minneapolis-based, food content creator with a sincere passion for developing dishes that connect us to one another. Genna creates content that is guaranteed to be visually stunning and most importantly, delicious. Showcasing products in a fun and inventive way her is specialty. Her calm, approachable cooking style is infectious, inspiring you to save her creative, brand-forward recipes to recreate it in your own kitchen.

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