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Spring is for being outside.

Spring is officially in full swing and creators and brands alike are gearing up for a season full of fresh styles and content.

One particular trend we’re anticipating is the prioritization of the in-person event. As the weather gets warmer, we envision a season dedicated to being “outside”, where we’ll see more brand activations and experiential marketing moments that harness the power of in-person connection. With big festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach coming up, expect to see some buzzy content with creators at the forefront!

Not only are these IRL events a fantastic marketing opportunity, they’re also a chance to connect with consumers and creators on a deeper level.

If you’re a brand, you’ll want to hop on the immersive experience train (if you haven’t already). Think: pop-up shops, outdoor shows, and influencer meet-and-greets. If you’re a creator, seize the opportunity to network and build on your existing brand relationships. Being brand-friendly and cultivating a genuine connection with the team is more valuable than any standalone campaign or post.

So, pack away those winter layers and finish up your spring cleaning. As we enter April, we’re embracing the spirit of being “outside” and anticipating some fun tentpole moments in the making.

Team DBA

You asked, we answered.

Curious about how influencers skyrocket to fame or the inner workings of the creator economy? In this new segment of our newsletter, we're answering all the commonly asked questions you may have about the dynamic world of influencers and the creator economy. Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a curious enthusiast, or a brand looking to tap into influencer marketing, we've got you covered.

How can I determine what type of content resonates most with my audience?

Use analytics tools provided by social media platforms to track engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates. Conduct surveys or polls to directly ask your audience about their preferences and interests. Don’t forget to monitor discussions and trends within your niche to understand what topics are generating buzz and resonating with your target audience.

What are effective strategies for fostering meaningful interactions with my online community?

Encourage two-way communication by responding to comments, messages, and mentions to the best of your ability (promptly is always better!). Create interactive content such as polls, quizzes, and challenges to actively involve your audience. Host live Q&A sessions, webinars, or virtual events to provide opportunities for direct engagement and connection.

How can I maintain consistent engagement with my online community over time?

Develop a content calendar to plan and schedule regular updates across your social media platforms, ensuring a steady flow of fresh and relevant content. Stay responsive and adaptable by monitoring trends, responding to feedback, and adjusting your approach accordingly. Foster a sense of community ownership by involving your audience in decision-making processes and seeking their input on upcoming initiatives. Consider implementing loyalty programs or exclusive perks (subscriber-only content, perhaps?) to incentivize ongoing engagement and participation.

What strategies can I employ to re-engage inactive members of my online community?

As your content changes overtime, so will your community. Remember to always revisit the content that brought you those original followers in the first place. Repost or repurpose throwback content to reignite interest and reconnect with your audience. Offer incentives or special promotions to entice them to re-engage, such as access to premium content, or entry into giveaways or contests. And most importantly, remember to continuously seek feedback from your followers to understand any barriers or concerns and tailor your approach accordingly.

New Signs
Ariel Mitchell

Balancing her roles as a full-time Orthodontist and Content Creator, Dr. Ariel Mitchell enthusiastically shares her office GRWM’s and nightly routines after a long days work. Amidst balancing both careers, her and her husband are also expecting their first baby boy in April, 2024 and she enjoys sharing her pregnancy milestones along the way. From building their first nursery together, to updating her followers on her pregnancy journey and stylishly “dressing the bump,” her audience finds joys in these shared moments. She has worked with leading brands in the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion space.

Chloe Lukasiak

Chloé Lukasiak, best known for her role as an original cast member on Dance Moms, has seamlessly transitioned into a versatile talent, excelling as a dancer, actress, author, and reality TV personality. Beyond her numerous accolades in dance competitions, Chloé has emerged as a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, leveraging her influential platform to address issues like bullying and provide valuable support. Co-founding the Elevé dance competition in 2022, she continues to showcase her dedication to the art. With international recognition as an author and actress, Chloé has secured partnerships with top brands such as Pantene, Cover Girl, Invisalign, Victoria’s Secret Pink, and Playtex. A recent graduate from Pepperdine University, Chloé Lukasiak continues to captivate audiences with her diverse talents and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Jessica Girod

Jessica Girod, a dynamic content creator currently based in San Diego, who gained widespread recognition as "the glitter girl" from Season 27 of ABC's The Bachelor and Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. She loves sharing her expertise in skincare, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, Jessica seamlessly intertwines these elements to showcase her multifaceted appeal. Her content exudes a bubbly personality that resonates with her audience, fostering a loyal following. With a sincere aspiration to inspire others, Jessica aims to encourage individuals to be kind and champion a culture of generosity, uplifting those around them with acts of kindness and compassion.

The Grill Dads

The Grill Dads are real-life best buds, modern dad advocates, and food fanatics. Mark and Fey are TODAY show’s tailgating and grilling experts, best-selling cookbook authors, TV hosts and entrepreneurs. They combine “buddy comedy” with approachability making them familiar, honest, genuine and down-to-earth. Both hail from the Midwest and have that “guy next door” appeal, who love to learn about new cultures and lifestyles while celebrating the unifying power of food.

Kyla Lee Lamb

Kyla Lamb is a vibrant new talent in the world of beauty and hair based in New York. She has quickly amassed an impressive following of 90k on TikTok and 50k on Instagram in just three short months. Recently we've been able to work with brands such as Sol de Janeiro, Paula's Choice, Armani Beauty, and Tata Harper! Kyla became known on TikTok as the " Kerastase Girl" which led her to rediscover her love for beauty after she stopped posting when her mom passed away.

Simran Ahad

Simran’s journey into the world of content creation began nearly two years ago while balancing her job at a pharmacy. However, her unwavering passion for creating engaging content led her to take the leap into pursuing it full-time, and she hasn't looked back since. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a knack for blending girlish charm with a touch of sass and humor, Simran has carved out her own unique brand identity that resonates deeply with her audience. Her followers adore her for her extensive skincare routines, impeccable styling tips, motivating workout content, and insightful product recommendations.

Skyler Bouchard

Skyler is a chef, recipe developer and on-air host, with a passion for creating flavorful and accessible recipes for her highly engaged community. In the kitchen, Skyler’s goal is to teach her audience how to cook flavorful and impressive restaurant-quality meals at home, while giving them easy and “un-intimidating” methods to follow. Skyler trained at the Institute of Culinary Education and received her Level 3 Sommelier Certification from the National Wine School. Skyler is a multifaceted talent in the culinary space with over 10 years of experience in hosting live and produced culinary segments for reputable platforms such as Food Network, the Today Show, Cooking Channel, Amazon, Meta, and more.

Sonya Styles

Enter the dynamic world of Sonya Styles, a versatile lifestyle creator who navigates between the bustling streets of New York and the sunny landscapes of Los Angeles. With an unwavering emphasis on beauty, Sonya has carved out a niche for herself by producing some of the most captivating and imaginative videos in the realm of lifestyle content. Sonya's content reflects her unique flair for entertainment. As she divides her time between the two iconic cities, Sonya isn’t afraid to be her unique and genuine self and because of that has built a tight knit audience that trusts her every move.

Sophia Castiblanco

Sophia is a 17-year-old Columbian beauty and lifestyle content creator based in Illinois. She initially began her channel sharing content around being homeschooled and has amassed around 800k followers collectively across her platforms. She has worked with brands like Skims, LilyAna Naturals, Whitefox, Mavy and really wants to continue growing in the lifestyle space.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is kind of a big deal here at DBA.

Every year, the LA and NY offices host fun IWD celebrations, and this year was no different. Our teams enjoyed a full day of events including sound bath meditation, a fireside chat with Lauryn Bosstick and Michael Bosstick, wine tasting, floral arranging, and a variety of one-on-one expert sessions ranging from holistic health to professional growth.

As a female-founded and led company, women’s empowerment remains at the heart of everything we do — including personal development for our employees.

See a glimpse of our celebrations below!

South by Southwest

We love SXSW.

The DBA team and DBA talent April Lockhart, Oyin Edogi, and Caila Quinn attended multiple events and panels over the course of the 9-day festival in Austin, Texas. From April speaking on the Collective Voice panel to Oyin hanging out with YouTube to Caila highlighting female leaders and founders, we soaked up every moment of the entertainment and tech-focused conference.

See more of the SXSW festivities below!

The Salt Hank cookbook is here! Featuring everything from his viral sandwiches to decadent sauces to pickling techniques to brand new recipes, the cookbook is perfect for anyone who’s big-flavor (and Salt Hank) obsessed.

Marianna Hewitt is named the Creative Director of Revolve in-house label, L'Academie. The co-founder of Summer Fridays was tapped to reimagine the brand’s aesthetic and direction with her refreshing vision and personal style.

Achieng Agutu is one of the seven Sports Illustrated Swim Search winners and will make her official debut in the 60th anniversary issue this May. With her infectious positive attitude, her unwavering dedication to body positivity advocacy, and the fiercest BFF energy, Achieng embodies the power of self-love and being your most authentic self.

Ashley Tisdale hosted Janie and Jack's Spring Garden Party to celebrate their new Spring collection. Guests got to play with bunnies, make flower bouquets, decorate birdhouses, and leave with lots of cute outfit inspiration.

Aysha Harun released a limited edition Ramadan decor collection made in collaboration with modernEID. The collection features gorgeous platters, napkin rings, acrylic displays, stickers and tags, and more to elevate your Ramadan decorating this year.

Chriselle Lim co-hosted the LVMH Prize and went on a showroom tour, where she met with the 2024 LVMH Prize semi-finalists. Chriselle interviewed each designer and learned more about their work, their approach to fashion, and their vision.

Prom season is coming up and Jadyn Xavier and Windsor Store have teamed up to curate the perfect collection of dream dresses for the occasion. The TikTok creator radiated major prom queen energy in her first photoshoot campaign and picked out her favorite gowns, heels, and accessories for the perfect look.

Home creator and interior designer Dani Klaric just released another stunning decor collection with YaYa & Co. Featuring flower pillows, a multicolor dice pouf, an abstract dog bed, and more whimsical decor goodness, the second drop has everything you need for your spring decorating!

Upgrade your spring wardrobe with Kennedy Lyon’s Lulus collection! The TikTok creator, and longtime fan of the brand, curated a collection of dreamy spring styles, featuring dainty mini dresses to flowy floral tops to statement jackets.

Catie Li spoke on the “Digital Gamechangers” Panel at the 8th annual Mamas Making It Summit and shared a glimpse into her life as a fashion creator, including insights on self-confidence, content niches, modeling, and how her career has changed after becoming a mom.

Beauty creator and skincare expert Sarah Palmyra was featured in Elemis’ Sephora campaign, highlighting their pro-collagen products. The campaign featured the creator in ads around New York City and a spot on the brand's billboard in Times Square!

Caitlin Covington has kicked-off a year-long ambassadorship with Rufflebutts to promote their upcoming launches across various tentpole moments. A longtime fan of the brand, she's thrilled to partner with them and has shared content promoting their Valentine's line and Spring Break swimsuits.

Jeremy Scheck joined Food Network's digital series, "Dig In With," and shared some of his favorite comfort recipes. The food creator breaks down the recipe for his Mom’s Roast Chicken and Jalapeño Bacon-Wrapped Dates - both a big party favorite.

Beauty creator Eni Popoola partnered with Elemis surrounding their Sephora campaign. She's been seen around New York City on different subway ads and will be featured on the brand's Times Square billboard through the end of March!

Kristina Zias partnered with Athleta to announce to her community that she’s been training for an upcoming triathlon. Wearing all Athleta and given creative freedom for the campaign, the fashion and beauty creator explains her reasons for training and motivates her audience to not be afraid of trying something out of your comfort zone.

Brigette Pheloung and Lauren Wolfe were flown to LA to attend the Garnier Hair Filler launch. The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creators have both been long-time partners of Garnier and were thrilled to build on the brand relationship further with the in-person activation.

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