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You've Reached 2024's
Midway Checkpoint.

We’re coming up to the halfway mark of 2024, making it an ideal time to rethink your social strategy and realign your content approach for the rest of the year.

For both creators and brands, rethinking your social strategy involves analyzing what has worked well so far and what hasn’t. Take a close look at your analytics to understand which content has driven the most engagement and which platforms have offered the highest return on investment. This data-driven insight allows you to refine your strategy and focus on high-performing content types.

Realigning your content approach means adapting to current trends and audience preferences. Consider experimenting with new content formats such as long-form videos or live streams or creating a niche series your audience can binge. Staying attuned to the latest trends can help you remain relevant and relatable to your audience. Additionally, think about how your content or campaigns can provide further value — whether through entertainment, education, or inspiration.

As a creator, planning for the rest of the year requires setting clear goals and milestones. Reflect on your long-term objectives and break them down into manageable steps. Whether you’re aiming to grow your follower base, launch a new product, or collaborate with specific brands, having a structured plan can guide your efforts and keep you motivated.

For brands, this is the perfect opportunity to realign your content with your broader marketing goals and allocate resources more effectively for the remainder of the year. Evaluate your brand’s voice and messaging to ensure consistency across all platforms, with particular attention to upcoming seasonal events and holiday campaigns. If you’re launching new products or campaigns, think about the kind of narrative you want to build and how you can utilize creators and influencers to amplify your reach during critical moments.

Finally, maintaining a flexible and adaptive mindset is crucial. As we’ve seen with the recent challenges with the TikTok ban and algorithm changes, the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Being able to pivot quickly in response to new trends or platform changes will set you apart from the competition. Regularly reassess your strategy and be willing to make adjustments as needed to ensure continued growth and engagement.

Here’s to an even more successful second half of the year.

Team DBA

You asked, we answered.

Curious about how influencers skyrocket to fame or the inner workings of the creator economy? In this new segment of our newsletter, we're answering all the commonly asked questions you may have about the dynamic world of influencers and the creator economy. Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a curious enthusiast, or a brand looking to tap into influencer marketing, we've got you covered.

What factors should brands consider when selecting creators for partnerships?

As a creator, understanding the factors brands consider when selecting a partner can help you better position yourself for collaborations. Brands typically look for influencers whose content and audience align with their values and target market. High engagement rates are crucial, as they indicate an active and interested audience, often more valuable than just a large follower count. Authenticity is key; brands prefer influencers who genuinely like and use their products, leading to more credible and convincing promotions. Additionally, brands review past partnerships to gauge professionalism and the effectiveness of sponsored content. Finally, the quality of your content matters—brands look for influencers whose style, tone, and production quality reflect their brand image.

How do creators typically monetize their partnerships with brands?

Creators typically monetize their partnerships with brands through various methods. Sponsored posts are a common approach, where creators are paid to create and share content featuring the brand’s products or services. Affiliate marketing is another popular method, allowing creators to earn a commission on sales generated through unique affiliate links or discount codes they share with their audience. Long-term brand ambassadorships involve creators regularly promoting a brand in exchange for a fixed fee, commission, or free products. Some creators also engage in product collaborations, co-creating products with brands and receiving a share of the profits from sales. Additionally, creators can be compensated for attending and promoting brand events or participating in marketing campaigns. These diverse revenue streams enable creators to leverage their online presence and audience engagement for financial gain.

How do creators ensure they stay authentic to their content and community while engaging in brand partnerships?

Creators ensure they stay authentic to their content and community while engaging in brand partnerships by carefully selecting brands that align with their values, interests, and the interests of their audience. They prioritize collaborations with products or services they genuinely use and believe in, which helps maintain trust with their followers. Creators also strive to integrate sponsored content seamlessly into their regular content, preserving their unique voice and style. Transparency is key; they clearly disclose paid partnerships to their audience to maintain honesty and integrity. By engaging their community through honest reviews and genuine endorsements, creators can successfully balance authenticity with brand collaborations.

New Signs
Ana Sofia

Ana Sofía Fehn, a Costa Rican actress and self-taught chef, captivates her nearly 1M audience with compelling content that showcases her diverse talents and culinary expertise. Spanish being her first language, Ana Sofia authentically connects with her followers, infusing her posts with a deep passion for hospitality and cooking. Now based in LA, Ana Sofia fluently communicates in English, Italian, Spanish, and French, providing a global perspective to her followers through engaging content in multiple languages. As a hobby, she also DJs, allowing her to authentically speak to anything music or sound related. With an engagement rate on Instagram nearing 21%, Ana Sofia's content surpasses the average influencer's by 23 times, reflecting her strong connection with her audience. Rapidly expanding her presence in the food space, she has amassed over 400,000 new followers in just two months, demonstrating her growing influence.

Ang Wells

Ang Wells is a TikTok creator based in Los Angeles, specializing in hair and beauty content. She shares engaging tutorials, beauty hacks, and personal stories to educate and empower her audience. Known for her expertise in blowouts, heatless hairstyles, and hair growth routines, Ang shares her journey from damaged hair to healthy growth to inspire her viewers in the world of self-care. Her driving force is to encourage confidence through beauty routines. With a passion for exploring beauty trends and providing honest product reviews, Ang is excited to partner with brands to drive awareness and conversions.

Bilal Rehman

Bilal Rehman, a visionary designer and content creator renowned for his daring future-driven residential and commercial creations, breaks the boundaries of conventional interior design. His relentless pursuit of innovation propels him to craft extraordinary, interiors and out-of-the-box design collections. His provocative concepts have earned Rehman international recognition with distinctive design awards and features in numerous publications. At the heart of Rehman's design philosophy lies a deep commitment to creating a total body sensory experience. With an expert blend of elements, materials, colors, and a juxtaposition of the new and old, he orchestrates immersive spaces that awaken the senses. These spaces are not mere backdrops; they become reflections of our unique selves, narrating our individual stories. They transcend the ordinary, ceaselessly delivering joy and inspiration.
Rehman's design approach goes beyond creating aesthetically pleasing environments. It is a quest to impact every facet of the user's life. He dares to uncover what lies beyond the realm of good design, seeking to transform the very essence of our experiences.

Crystal Suggs

Crystal Nicole, an Austin-based beauty and lifestyle creator, is on a mission to empower women worldwide to embrace their authenticity. Her social media journey began when she was in college and decided to start posting YouTube videos about her natural hair. Since then, she has found success with content creation and uses her platform to share all the things she loves, including beauty, fashion and travel. Through her content, Crystal inspires women to own their identity and walk confidently in their own skin, fostering a community where uniqueness is celebrated. She's not just a beauty influencer; she's a catalyst for self-love and empowerment, redefining beauty standards on her own terms.

Ginabella Cardinale

Ginabella Cardinale is a NYC based dancer, known for her versatility and magnetic presence on TikTok. Ginabella started her danced career at a young age in her hometown of Miami, Florida. Hailing from the bustling streets of New York City, Ginabella's journey began with a passion for the performing arts that was nurtured by her upbringing. Now living in NYC, while attending Marymount Manhattan College, she has captivated audiences with her talent and charisma when she started posted dance duets with her best friend and roommate. Her video dancing to RAINING MEN, went viral with 14.7 million views in a short time, and doubled her following in 2 months, Ginabella is rapidly growing and gaining her loyal following and fanbase. With a boundless creativity and a relentless drive for excellence, Ginabella Cardinale continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the globe, pioneering the dance world by finding new ways to showcase brands through movement.

Kouka Webb

Kouka Webb is a bicultural (British, Japanese) and multilingual Registered Dietitian who grew up in Hong Kong and Tokyo. She moved to New York in 2014 to pursue her modelling career and at the same time began her studies at New York University where she completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees with honors in Clinical Nutrition. She currently works 9-5 as a clinical inpatient Registered Dietitian at a hospital in NYC. Kouka is passionate about helping her clients create healthy relationships with food and prevent and treat chronic disease. Kouka also loves to share her recipes, fashion, beauty and everyday routines with her followers.

Lauren Amigleo

Lauren Amigleo is a GenZ lifestyle creator with an emphasis on fashion who is based in Orange County, CA. Starting her content journey at a young age, she's transformed her passion into a platform dedicated to sharing her love for diverse fashion trends with her devoted female audience. Lauren spends her time curating a variety of fashion looks that serve as inspiration for others. Not only has she developed a strong love for fashion, but she has also gained a deeper passion for sharing what simply brings excitement to her life. She finds so much joy in helping others fall in love with what they wear and how they dress while building a community around this.

Lauren Sephton

Lauren Sephton is a North Carolina based recipe developer, self-taught baker, and content creator in love with the idea of creating recipes that inspire others to live healthy inside and outside of the kitchen. She grew up with Southern roots and Armenian background, so the kitchen has always been at the center of her life. Her passion for cooking was sparked from a combination of watching her grandmother in the kitchen and Cupcake Wars. Her audience is drawn in by her approachable vibrant recipes that mix southern comforts and international cuisines with modern twists. Lauren is not only a fantastic cook but has taken on renovating a 1950’s cottage in her hometown with her family where she’s kicked off with an unbeatable garden where she’ll be able to pick out fresh seasonal produce for her family.

Noah Loyden

Noah Loyden, better known as Uncle Dada, the dynamic 20-year-old Texan college student captivating audiences worldwide. Alongside his sister, he's crafted a comedic empire through vlogs, food critiques, and heartwarming glimpses into family life, featuring his adorable newborn niece. Each member of their relatable clan embodies familiar archetypes, from the mischievous son to the harried mom, drawing viewers into their hilarious antics.

Noah shines as the charismatic linchpin, beloved for his generosity and magnetic presence. While he dazzles on TikTok with his infectious energy, his Instagram showcases stunningly curated visuals, blending chaos with sophistication. With an expanding fanbase, Noah's trajectory is set for stardom, a captivating blend of authenticity and entertainment.

Sofia Muse

Sofia Muse, a 21-year-old Gen Z influencer, radiates screens with her infectious smile and limitless energy, boasting nearly 600K online followers across various platforms. Her TikTok journey began as a creative outlet, showcasing her passion for dance, music, and setting trends and swiftly gained attention for her captivating dance videos and lively lip-sync performances. Beyond entertainment, Sofia's TikTok presence offers a peek into her personal life, often sharing moments with her family, which garners particularly high engagement, especially when featuring her mom or sisters. As the youngest of five siblings, family holds immense importance to her, earning her a devoted following on the platform with a 16% engagement rate. When not captivating her followers on social media, Sofia finds joy in outdoor adventures like hiking, embraces inner peace through yoga and pilates, and hones her culinary skills in the kitchen. Her diverse interests and genuine personality have attracted collaborations with esteemed brands like SKIMS, Chomps, ALO, and Revolve, solidifying her status as a rising influencer in the digital realm.

Taelor Rankin

Taelor Rankin is a Gen Z Texas based NFL private chef, recipe developer and content creator. A self-proclaimed culinary nomad, Taelor travels all over the state of Texas (and beyond!) for her private chef clientele. Taelor loves taking modern and classic dishes to the next level, she strives for her dishes to feel like a warm hug but with a delicious twist. Taelor is personality driven and her audience is drawn in by how fun and playful she is. Taelor has successfully partnered with brands like Brookshire’s, Ore-Ida and Boar’s Head.

AAPI Heritage Month

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we are shining a spotlight on the voices and perspectives of our talented AAPI influencers. The digital space is continually evolving, and representation and diversity are more important than ever. To gain insights into the current state and future aspirations of the influencer industry, we reached out to our talent and asked them what changes they would like to see in the industry. Additionally, they shared valuable advice for aspiring AAPI creators who are looking to make their mark and stand out online. Read their thoughts below.

DBA Joins UTA Creators.

DBA is joining forces with UTA Creators.

UTA Creators is the new powerhouse division at United Talent Agency that brings together four separate agency groups to better service talent, brands, and platforms within the creator economy.

DBA will continue to operate as a separate management company, but will collaborate closely with the Digital Talent, Gaming and Esports, and Audio teams to leverage resources and expertise to adapt and meet the needs of increasingly multihyphenated talent.

DBA CEO, UTA partner and Creators co-head Raina Penchansky highlights how the formation of the division “further proves [UTA’s] steadfast support of digital creators, who are now some of the most sought after talent in the industry and a vital force behind both businesses.”

Read the full feature HERE.

Talent News

Hunter McGrady is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star! Since making her debut in 2017, the model has gone on to feature in six SI Swim photoshoots. Now, she’s celebrating her first solo cover for their 60th anniversary issue on top of posing with other SI Swim legends for the Legends cover.

Xandra Pohl, Achieng Agutu and Hunter McGrady showed up and showed out to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 60th anniversary celebrations and are all featured in the latest issue. Achieng and Xandra are both part of this year’s Rookie class and Hunter received her own solo cover in addition to posing alongside other SI Swim legends for the Legends cover.

Achieng Agutu is joining an impressive cast to host “Influenced,” a new creator-led talk show coming to Prime Video. The 10-part series from Hello Sunshine and Amazon MGM Studios will bridge the gap between social media and TV and encompass everything from food, fashion, travel, pop culture, wellness, and much, much more.

Alexandra Gater is part of House Beautiful’s 2024 Creator Class. Known for her colorful DIY and renter-friendly renovations, Alexandra is a rising star in the home decor space and has captured the hearts of renters and design enthusiasts everywhere.

Jordan Andino joins Sandra Lee as a co-host on Roku's latest competition show, "Dinner Budget Showdown". The chefs are challenging three home cooks to create a five-star meal on a two-star budget and the contestant with the best, least expensive dish will win free groceries for a year.

Lisa Joy won the Makeup Star Award at the Sephora Squad Award Show. The makeup guru was celebrated for her exceptional creativity, knowledge, and influence in the makeup space.

Dani Klaric partnered with Skittles to transform a 350 square foot studio in Manhattan into a maximal paradise that feels like you're living inside of a Skittles Littles tube. Dani and her design team from The Euphoria Collective completed this transformation in just 5 days. Skittles is hosting a sweepstakes for someone to be able to live in the apartment, rent paid for a full year.

Andy Hannemann's latest NB Pure collab is the perfect refreshing pick-me-up. The Hawaiian Hydration Tropical Fruit Punch Powder is packed with flavor and formulated with 5 essential electrolytes to keep you hydrated. Not only is the electrolyte drink mix free of sugar and artificial ingredients, it’s also digestion-friendly, family-friendly, and perfect for those with an active lifestyle!

Ella Rose released her own collection with NA-KD Fashion, making her the first American influencer to work with the brand in co-designing a clothing collection. An ode to seaside getaways and quiet luxury, the collection features timeless pieces from stunning maxi dresses to cozy knitted cardigans to chic summer swimwear.

Macy Blackwell released a swimsuit collection with Cupshe just in time for the warmer weather. Whether you’re hosting backyard barbecues, chilling by the pool, or tanning on a boat, the new red, white, and blue looks are perfect for any upcoming summer occasion.

Whitney Port's "Fertility FM" podcast with CCRM Fertility has won the Shorty Award for the Health & Wellness Podcast category. The podcast takes you through the world of fertility and explores everything from IVF, egg freezing, financial planning, nuances of Black fertility, LGBTQ+ family planning, and more.

Join sisters Nazanin Kavari and Yasmin Kavari as they explore the many aspects of womanhood in their new podcast, "What My Sis Said". From personal anecdotes to self-care rituals to career aspirations, the dynamic duo returns to dive into meaningful conversations around their personal journeys while bringing the comfort of sisterhood (and all the laughs).

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Dear Media Shows & Highlights

When life gives you lemons, what do you do with them? Over here at The Squeeze—we talk about it—”it” being our mental health and well being. Host Taylor Lautner’s (no, not that guy, but she is married to that guy) introduction to mental health was at a young age, witnessing friends and family suffer in ways she couldn’t fully understand. She started a nursing career in the peak of the pandemic and has been struggling with her own mental health ever since. Tay is joined co-host, husband Taylor Lautner, in addition to celebrity and expert guests to further the conversation surrounding mental wellness. At the end of the day, we’re all pretty similar; even those living in the lime-est of lights can be weighed down by sour lemons. In addition to sharing coping strategies and stories, we hope that above all, this podcast offers the comfort of knowing you are not alone.

Welcome to Mona-Vated, a podcast by Mona Vand, former pharmacist-turned-holistic-focused wellness educator and entrepreneur. In this podcast (and IRL), small talk is out, and meaningful conversations are in. Mona takes you on an ever-evolving journey where she explores all aspects of well-being, from nutrition and mindfulness to spirituality, self-discovery, lifestyle and fashion.

Mona believes in the power of small, consistent efforts to foster sustainable habits that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The goal of this podcast is to spark conversation and empower you with the knowledge to make informed choices.

Get cozy, grab a matcha (or your favorite drink), and prepare to be inspired as we bring you thoughtful interviews and real-life stories. This is a forever journey.? Self-growth has no limits. Remember, doing your best is an ongoing journey, not a final destination.

Bryony Deery has access to some of the most inspirational entrepreneurs, celebrities, thought-leaders, athletes and experts through her Pilates journey. She now takes these short conversations to deeper discussions, beyond the mat. Expect full disclosure moments, life hacks to level up your routine and stories to activate your dreams with no gate keeping allowed.

Add motivation to your week, with a new episode every Thursday.