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Deck the Halls (and Walls)
with Boughs of DIY Decor.

As October comes to a close, holiday content starts its dramatic takeover of social media platforms. For home decor enthusiasts, this moment presents the perfect opportunity to transform your space and get into the spirit of the season. 

The holiday season offers a unique window for creators and brands to harness the emotional connection consumers have with their homes and the seasonal decor that comes with it.   Through partnerships, brands can ensure that their products resonate with a broader, more engaged audience, while creators can unlock new avenues for inspiration and collaboration. 

Take DBA home and lifestyle client, Macy Blackwell, as an example. With a knack for easy DIY transformations and equipped with an endless amount of creativity, Macy’s incredible porch and home decorations have gone viral, setting trends within the DIY interior landscape. Creators like Macy recognize the importance of capturing the holiday spirit early and play a vital role in influencing consumer choices (just take a look at that comment section!). 

Stay tuned for a lot more holiday content coming down the pipeline and enjoy the last of the spooky season!

You asked, we answered.

Curious about how influencers skyrocket to fame or the inner workings of the creator economy? In this new segment of our newsletter, we're answering all the commonly asked questions you may have about the dynamic world of influencers and the creator economy. Whether you're an aspiring content creator, a curious enthusiast, or a brand looking to tap into influencer marketing, we've got you covered.

What qualities make an influencer a good partner for brand partnerships?

An ideal influencer partner for brand collaborations is able to:

  • Grasp audience needs and align the brand's message with followers' interests for authenticity.
  • Communicate effectively with the brand and management company to define clear campaign objectives.
  • Prioritize reliability by meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality content consistently.
  • Adapt to incorporate brand guidelines while maintaining their unique style.
  • Provide data-driven insights and analytics for evaluating partnership effectiveness and refining future collaborations.
How can an influencer effectively collaborate with their management company to enhance brand partnerships?

Maintain clear and consistent communication with your management to align on your goals and preferences and collaborate during the planning phase to ensure that campaigns resonate with your personal brand and audience. Let your team know which brands you align with, your creative preferences, your boundaries, your business goals, and other information relevant to making the best partnership and campaign decision. Having this explicit understanding between influencers and their management companies is essential for successful brand partnerships.

What strategies can influencers employ to ensure that their partnerships not only align with the brand but also genuinely resonate with their audience and maintain authenticity?

Content authenticity and brand partnerships are seemingly mutually exclusive terms, but they can coexist. If an influencer understands their audience and aligns with brands that match their values organically, then naturally integrated storytelling and content creation will follow. Partnering with brands that create products or services you already use or believe in also enhances the credibility of your endorsement. On top of that, you may also opt to transparently disclose partnerships, engage in two-way conversations, and gauge audience feedback. Including your audience in the process and giving them a glimpse into the behind the scenes not only adds to your authenticity, but also provides an engaging way to interact with your followers. Your community wants to see you win!

New Signs
Aaron Brimhall

Aaron is a commercial photographer, father, and adventurer that’s always looking for the next best shot. He’s known for capturing rugged landscapes, luxury cars, travel moments, and working with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Land Rover, Canon, Harley Davidson, and Lamborghini. When he’s not scaling mountains or dirt biking, he can be found in and around Salt Lake City, Utah spending quality time with his wife and twin daughters.

Allyiah Gainer

Allyiah Gainer, also known as Allyiah's Face, is a prominent figure on YouTube and an influential socialite. With a dedicated following of over 1.7 million, her audience eagerly watches her every move and enthusiastically supports her latest discoveries. While Allyiah is a trusted digital creator; she's also an exceptional host and on-air talent. YouTube recognized her skills and has handpicked her to conduct over a dozen interviews with industry powerhouses like Emma Grede and events such as YouTube's prestigious annual Brandcast conference, captivating a live audience of over 10,000 people. As her audience continues to grow exponentially, Allyiah is cementing her name into digital history by inspiring her followers to aim higher and always prioritizing her impact above her influence.

Ana Learmann

Ana and Lexie Learmann, 20-year-old twin sisters currently pursuing their B.S. in Nutrition Sciences at the University of Minnesota, have become prominent figures in the fitness, health & wellness, and lifestyle realms. They've built a passionate following by offering workout inspiration, wholesome recipes, and more. Together, they've made a vibrant mark in the fitness and lifestyle space, with a goal to inspire and empower women to embrace healthier lifestyles. Recent partners include EHP Labs, Gatorade, Amazon Fashion, and more.

Anabelle Jean

Anabelle Jean is a 21-year-old content creator based in Utah. She initially launched her TikTok account with a primary focus on dance and lip sync content, but following her marriage and the birth of her son, she gracefully transitioned her content to focus on lifestyle and motherhood. Through authentic mom recommendations and candid GRWM videos, she has successfully cultivated a thriving and engaged community. Anabelle's rapid growth has garnered attention from notable brands, leading to partnerships with esteemed names such as Steve Madden, Walmart, ThredUp, and various others.

Betsy Moulthrop

Betsy is a Miami based content creator who believes that everyday should be a good hair day! Betsy fell in love and started playing in the beauty space from the moment she could pick up a hairbrush. Betsy's motto is "first I do coffee, then I do hair." Betsy recognizes that each person's hair journey is unique, and she encourages her audience to embrace their individuality and lean on her for inspiration and advice.

Catalina Torrez

Catalina Torrez is a lifestyle influencer who provides insight into her life, encompassing fashion, beauty, and the joys of being a mother to two children, all while managing a thriving online boutique and content studio. She is most known for her series “ Day in the Life as a Business Owner and Mom” and has collaborated with notable brands such as Shark, Walmart, Poppi, Nestle, and more. She has seen massive growth on her platforms since pursuing content creation in July and hopes to optimize her opportunities with the help of DBA.

Jamie Van Slooten

From as long as she can remember, Jamie has been an avid YouTube viewer. This deep-rooted fascination sparked a relentless desire to cultivate confidence in her everyday existence and, in turn, radiate that self-assured energy to her ever-growing audience and dedicated community. Living in Newport Beach, CA, has sparked Jamie's passion for holistic health and wellness. Running is her rock, boosting her confidence and nurturing her mental resilience. Her mission? To ignite inspiration in her viewers and guide them to their peak well-being. She does this by sharing her knowledge on health, wellness, beauty, fashion, and all aspects of life.

Kat Wellington

Kat Wellington is a 25-year-old content creator based in Los Angeles who is best known for her humor, sarcasm, and relatability. Her journey began in 2020 after graduating, and her audience has followed her through significant life changes, witnessing her growth along the way. Today, Kat produces a wide range of lifestyle content, including entertaining story times, hair and makeup tutorials, cooking demonstrations, and home decorating tips. Her signature funny and lighthearted style, which initially attracted her audience, remains unchanged. She has worked with several leading brands in the beauty and lifestyle spaces including, Sol De Janeiro, Aussie, Brilliant Earth and First Aid Beauty. Kat is also passionate about supporting meaningful initiatives in hopes of making a positive impact within her community.

Lexie Learmann

Ana and Lexie Learmann, 20-year-old twin sisters currently pursuing their B.S. in Nutrition Sciences at the University of Minnesota, have become prominent figures in the fitness, health & wellness, and lifestyle realms. They've built a passionate following by offering workout inspiration, wholesome recipes, and more. Together, they've made a vibrant mark in the fitness and lifestyle space, with a goal to inspire and empower women to embrace healthier lifestyles. Recent partners include EHP Labs, Gatorade, Amazon Fashion, and more.

Logan Rae Hill

Logan has been a prominent figure in the digital space for an extended period. As both a content creator and photographer, she balances her time between Nashville and LA. Her audience has grown captivated by her exquisite lifestyle content, which exudes a deep passion for beauty and fashion, drawing followers seeking her advice. On TikTok, Logan dedicates her attention to confidence and fashion tips, catering to women of all sizes. Leveraging her background in photography, Logan fully comprehends the significance of delivering top-tier content and is dedicated to consistently providing her audience with high quality and engaging content.

Lynette Marcus

Lynette is a content creator and style obsessed mom, currently living in Bellevue, Washington. After finding her daughter’s tripod, she vowed to learn how to use it and has since gained a loyal following on both Instagram and TikTok. At 58 years old, Lynette can be found accessorizing with a cappuccino in the PNW or dressing up in cities around the world. She enjoys capturing and sharing (with said tripod) her enthusiasm for great outfits, travel, and lifestyle in a light-hearted and genuine way. Since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Lynette loves being part of a mother/daughter duo in creating fashion content with her daughter, Olivia. Lynette lives by the philosophy that age shouldn’t define your style and hopes to share that belief with people around the world.

Maria Beltre

Maria Beltre, widely known to her audience as @looseunicorns, has cultivated a thriving community through her eclectic street-style fashion finds. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, her personal style is a reflection of her cultural background and the vibrant fashion scene she grew up with in New York during the '90s and early '00s. As the founder of "Could be Maria," her eponymous clothing brand, Maria advocates for self-expression and body positivity by blending various styles, silhouettes, and vintage pieces she collects during her global travels. Her fashion expertise has gained large recognition, with features in publications like Coveteur, and Complex, and collaborations with Adidas, Coach, YSL Beauty, and True Religion. Currently residing in New York City with her daughter, Maria continues to inspire her audience with her daring fashion choices, empowering them to embrace their individuality and confidently explore their unique style.

Olivia Marcus

Olivia is a content creator and writer based in Hoboken, New Jersey (but yes, she still puts NYC in her Instagram bio). She has amassed over 220,000 followers on TikTok and 30,000 followers on Instagram by sharing a mix of travel, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content with her audience as well as a behind-the-scenes look at her daily life as a writer, cat mom, and creator. When Olivia isn’t busy writing at a cafe or filming videos with her tripod, you can find her traveling Europe with her Samsonite suitcases, exploring the outdoors in Teva sandals, or placing yet another ShopBop order. In addition to sharing her relatable-yet-aspirational 27-year-old escapades, Olivia loves to create fashion content with her mom, Lynette. With two content creators in the family, they manage to turn every family gathering into a viral moment. Her parents are just happy she’s putting her film school degree to good use.

FoodieCon at NYCWFF

FoodieCon is a first-of-its-kind celebration of the most influential digital content creators in the food and beverage community. For their second ever event, the culinary event moved from Miami to New York and found its place amid the buzz of the New York City Wine & Food Festival. From panels on building community and achieving virality to delicious demonstrations, tastings, and more, FoodieCon is truly a food lover’s dream.

DBA clients Palak Patel (@TheChutneyLife), Fabrizio Villalpando (@TheeMoodyFoody), and Emily Fedner (@FoodLoversDiary) graced the event and took the stage to provide a glimpse into their culinary journeys. They shared valuable insights, not just on crafting delectable dishes, but also on their experiences as influencers in the food and beverage industry, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and community-building.

See more of the event here:


UNLOQ404 is the inaugural creators’ summit from United Talent Agency and Crown and Conquer that’s designed to inspire and educate up-and-coming creators, providing young talent with a chance to learn from industry experts and elevate their passion into brands and businesses.

The creator summit took center stage in Atlanta and played host to a diverse array of creative minds. DBA VP of Brand Partnerships, Marketing & UGC, Nya-Gabriella Parchment, and DBA clients Allyiah Gainer (@AllyiahsFace) and Tenicka Boyd (@TenickaB) spoke on panels and discussed everything from the power of authenticity in the competitive beauty and fashion space to key strategies in turning your passion into a lasting business.

See more of the event here:

Talent News
Brand Partnerships & Launches

Aimee Song, Amanda Diaz, Brittany Xavier, Camila Coelho, Chriselle Lim, Hannah Harrell, Mikayla Nogueira, and Patrick Starrr are named to Forbes’ Top Fashion Creators list! These creators are representative of a dynamic shift in the industry and exemplify long-lasting success and impact.

Achieng Agutu is a Sports Illustrated Swim Rookie and one of the winners of the 2023 Swim Search! The queen of confidence herself will be featured in the 2024 SI Swimsuit Issue alongside her fellow winners. As a creator who fearlessly embraces individuality and empowers her audience with her radiant spirit and unapologetic style, the Rookie title truly comes as no surprise!

DBA talent headed to LTK Con in Dallas for an unforgettable three days. This year, Hayden Cohen co-hosted some of the biggest events of the conference, Macy Blackwell shared her journey and insightful advice on the Creator Panel, and Lauryn Bosstick spoke to the power of connecting with community in her fireside chat.

Julia Berolzheimer kicked off her 3rd year with Amazon with Prime Big Deals Day Deals and surpassed her monthly goal in those two days alone. She drove over half a million in sales across her Prime Day posts and excelled in categories like fashion, home and beauty.

Brigette Romanek released Livable Luxe, her debut interior design book. In it, you’ll find a stunning collection of projects the four-time AD 100 interior designer has created for her clients over the years and an exclusive glimpse into her creative process and the art of crafting luxurious yet livable spaces.

Liz Moody’s science-backed guide to living your best life is here! In her latest book, 100 Ways To Change Your Life, the author, podcast host and personal growth expert, shares 100 tips and tricks across whole self wellness, from finance to the microbiome, and curates valuable insights from world class experts to give you approachable, actionable steps to take to change your life.

Jeremy Scheck's debut cookbook, Cooking Smarter, will be published on October 31st by Harper Collins. Cooking Smarter will teach you to harness the power of food science to create simple and elegant meals in minutes. Jeremy will embark on an eleven stop book tour featuring conversations with Guy Raz and Bobby Flay in select cities.

Palak Patel, AKA The Chutney Life, released her debut cookbook! The food creator and home cook’s new cookbook brings Indian cooking to every table. With 100 Indian-inspired recipes (plus some Chutney Life classics), the cookbook is full of vibrant flavors, fun anecdotes, and time-saving tips that busy moms and curious cooks alike will find inspiring.

Elevate your parenting game with the new limited edition Vashtie x Doona collection! The DJ, director and designer partnered up with Doona to bring street style into the world of parenting. The collection features Doona essentials, like the Liki Trike and Car Seat & Stroller, adorned with handwritten messages by Vashtie herself.

Ana Stowell's collaboration with LVBY is here! Drawing inspiration from her coastal lifestyle, beach life, and bright aesthetic to create the perfect collection together. The collection encompasses activewear, sweats, and basics for different aspects of her lifestyle.

Earthy Andy's NB Pure collab, Superfood Paradise Greens Antioxidant Elixir, is now available in Vitamin Shoppe across the U.S. Loaded with 30 fruits, vegetables and botanicals, Superfood Paradise is packed full of health and wellness benefits that will help recharge your body!

Kaye Bassey is featured in a custom print page for Olay in the October issue of Elle Magazine. Kaye discusses all things beauty, wellness, and fitness and shares tips on enhancing one's daily skincare regimen. The influential creator also highlights the benefits of Olay products and how she incorporates the body wash and lotion products into her personal self-care routine.

Meredith Hayden and Cayman Jack activated at NYCWFF, where she developed a recipe using their signature canned margarita. She shared her spicy marg chicken sandwich with thousands of guests at the grand tasting.

Christine hit the road to team up with Hyundai, embarking on a journey to discover the car's incredible features on her way to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

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The Digital Brand Architects User-Generated Content Division was launched in 2023 to meet the rising demand for diverse content and genuine product representation. User-generated content offers brands a unique opportunity to drive awareness, increase trust, and build positive sentiment, making it an essential component of their marketing strategy. While brands have historically been successful utilizing traditional social media marketing tactics, today’s consumers are looking for more diverse content and genuine product representation, making UGC the next evolution within the creator economy.

Get to know a few of our UGC creators:
Grace Donner

Grace Donner is a Colorado based outdoor creator! She enjoys spending her time in the mountains whether she is skiing, camping, climbing, hiking or at the occasional après. She loves filming her adventures and finding the best products to make them happen. Connect with her for her next adventure!

Jordan Hardman

Jordan is a content creator based in Orange County, CA and is passionate about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, home decor and more. She has worked in the fashion + marketing space for over 5 years where she then decided to merge her passion and expertise into her content. She is known for her inspiring and Pinterest worthy outfits, while sharing her authentic and organic everyday life.

Julissa Guillen

Julissa Guillen is a NY-based beauty content creator with a passion for curly hair care. She is best known for her hair tool reviews and tutorials. Julissa's content is composed of both UGC content and influencer partnerships across the beauty industry, specifically the hair care and tools market. Julissa produces high-quality content through imagery and short and long-form videos for beauty brands including Shark Beauty, OUAI, Living Proof, Sephora, Drybar, Olaplex and more.

Trigg Ferrano

Trigg Ferrano is a content creator raised all over the world, but currently calling Los Angeles home. From walking to school on the cobbled streets of Europe to haggling for daily fruit in the bustling street markets of Asia, Trigg's background is best described as multicultural, and that definitely comes through with his fusion-focused recipes. Fluent in multiple languages, including French, Chinese, Italian, and some German, Trigg is able to open doors to unfiltered cultural experiences that allows him to source genuine recipes and engage directly with audiences across the globe. Each video Trigg makes is a celebration of culinary ingenuity, innovation, and discovery, but always anchored in tradition. With every video, Trigg takes his viewers on a journey that's all about savoring life – one dish, one destination, and one shared experience at a time.

Industry News
‘Influencer’ is a dirty word. It shouldn’t be.
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E-Commerce Platforms Must Prioritize the Consumer-Influencer Relationship
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Marketing Briefing: As influencer marketing grows up, vetting gets more serious for creator partnerships
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Reddit to begin paying people for popular posts
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You Can Now Learn How To Be An Influencer In College
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Brands, collabs, products, and platforms to watch.

This is Digital Brand Products' Monthly Roundup! This segment will provide valuable insight into emerging digital platforms, unique brand collabs, industry updates, and more that will keep you in the know about the ever-changing consumer landscape.

Whether they are looking for enhanced cognitive performance, improved focus or overall support for their mental well being in an increasingly demanding and fast-paced world, consumers are turning to better-for-you, functional beverages like BrainPOP. This botanical-enhanced energy drink lives up to its name with brain-boosting benefits from nootropic ingredients. This smart soda is packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and an antioxidant caffeine blend.

Macy Blackwell's collection with FabFitFun is now available! Designed to help you entertain during the upcoming holiday season, the collection includes gorgeous cheese knives and a tapas tray. Known for her creative hosting hacks and holiday decor tips, the creator brings entertaining must-haves and that extra holiday magic to your family get-togethers with her holiday collab. Get the Macy Blackwell x FabFitFun collection in the Winter Box now!

As consumers continue to prioritize self care, brands like H201SHIFT are offering attachments for shower heads that incorporate aromatherapy to offer consumers an enhanced showering experience. The shower head comes with a built-in filter and dermatologically tested scent capsules that infuse scents and good-for-your skin nutrients to turn your shower into a therapeutic spa-like environment. The filter also removes harmful chemicals and contaminants such as chlorine, hard water, heavy metals and even bacteria like E. coli for a cleaner bathing experience.

Lapse, an invite-only social media app, has surged to the top of the Apple App Store's Free Apps chart, offering a unique experience by combining the aesthetics of disposable cameras with social networking. Users take unedited, unfiltered photos reminiscent of vintage disposable camera shots, which "develop" before sharing. The catch is that you can only join by inviting friends and completing specific tasks. Once inside, you can create monthly photo journals to share with friends.

Action Points

Categories like pet care are on the rise for a reason, but taking a deeper look into the space can reveal specific product opportunities. There's synergy between up-trending areas for humans and their furry friends. The wellness boom is expanding into the pet space. Consumers care about enhancing their pets overall well-being and will demand products for that cater to their needs such as natural skin care, healthy food, and preventative & functional health supplements.

Gen X make ideal consumers for the functional beverage market. Featuring ingredients that these consumers are familiar with is essential to getting them on board with functional products. Leverage functional beverages to address Gen X's leading health concerns, including anxiety, perimenopause, and heart health.

Brands collaborate with one another to leverage each others audiences and test their consumers appetite for different products. It’s about aligning with businesses that can expose you to new but relevant audiences, and creating credibility by association. Staying on the pulse of new collaborations can reveal patterns of growing categories and products, allowing each brand to capitalize on the outdoor boom.

Digital Golf Collective

Stay in the loop and get the latest updates from Digital Golf Collective (DGC), the leading marketing and talent management agency with a specialized focus in golf. Access exclusive insights and stay informed about new signs, news, and developments in the world of golf talent. Whether you're an avid golfer, a passionate follower of the sport, or an industry professional, check out DGC's endeavors and keep up to date on all things golf below.

New Signs

Nathalie Sheehan, most known as @nattiegolf, is a PGA Professional golf instructor who uses her platform on Instagram to continue growing and teaching the game. She was named by Golf Digest as "Best in State" in Florida and "Best Young Teacher in America" and is a Jim McLean master instructor. Nathalie’s philosophy on coaching is that every individual brings something different to the table and she works with her students and their body which he emulates through her social. She also showcases quick, simple and effective drills to improve your golf game that are easily digestible through her videos. Nathalie is also a GOLF.com contributor and has a short series coming out on Golf Pass.

DGC News

Digital Golf Collective is excited to work with their newest client Spornia to expand brand awareness for their golf nets and products in the golf industry through organic content across social. As part of this deal, DGC will provide Spornia with select marketing services including influencer seeding and brand advisory services.

Talent News

Tisha Alyn hosted the Tiger Woods Invitational in Pebble Beach CA alongside Tiger himself. Tisha often works with him throughout the year to help drive attention to the work he does with his foundation.

The PGA of America partnered with Keith Bennett and Margaux Brooke to highlight the Ralph Lauren Ryder Cup USA Collection. Each talent modeled the pieces in the collection driving awareness to PGA of America's involvement in the Ryder Cup.

Carlee Shoemaker helped DraftKings celebrate betting now being legal in her home state of Kentucky by launching DKSportsBook in the state.

CALIA launched their Cold Dash Collection and ambassador, Alexandra O'Laughlin helped share the news.

Dear Media Shows & Highlights

Frustrated by feeling isolated as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Les Alfred founded the Balanced Black Girl podcast and blog in 2018. Through the perspective of Black women in wellness, BBG extends a bridge for folks to easily connect with experts, gurus, and a mindful community. With over 1,000 five-star reviews and millions of downloads, the podcast is a treasured sharing circle of everyday health, self-care, and personal development guidance.

Welcome to Fertility FM, proudly sponsored by CCRM Fertility and hosted by Whitney Port. Join us as we delve into the world of fertility, covering topics from IVF to egg freezing, financial planning, nuances of black fertility, and LGBTQ+ family planning. Our mission is clear: to raise awareness about fertility issues. We want to empower you with knowledge and guidance throughout your fertility journey.

Adapted from the book of the same name from NYT-bestselling author and therapist Catherine Gildiner, Good Morning, Monster follows the emotional recovery of Cathy's most heroic and memorable patients. In Season 1, Cathy is confronted by a powerful and determined man seeking help for his daughter. Cathy leaves home and comes out of early retirement to work with Madeline, a highly successful but emotionally broken New York City businesswoman whose mental health struggles are slowly destroying the company she worked to build.