The New Generation Of Talent

It goes without saying that Gen-Z talent is on the rise. This unique and equally talented group has proven their ability to shift industries with their massive influence, especially through fan-favorite TikTok. According to Tubefilter and its report on a recent consumer survey, 49% of the app’s users have purchased a product after seeing said item promoted and/or reviewed by another TikToker. With this, the mostly Gen-Z TikTok audience is considered to be “the most dedicated group of buyers from social media.”

At DBA, we are excited to represent a diverse array of Gen Z influencers, each who bring their unique backgrounds, interests, skills and expertise to the forefront of an ever-evolving digital landscape. Keep reading for more information, including updates and highlights, about a few of our clients.

Top 10 TikTok Following

As of June 3, the following influencers have all maintained impressively high follower counts on TikTok.

Amelie Zilber
Riley Hubatka
Olivia Ponton
Andrea Camila & Lewis Kelly
Nailea Devora
Mikayla Nogueira
Alex French
Natalie Mariduena
Zahra Hashimee
Antonio Garza

Recent Partnerships & Launches

Amanda Diaz
x Anastasia Beverly Hills

Amanda partnered with beauty giant Anastasia Beverly Hills to help launch the brand’s “Off To Costa Rica” face palette, sharing two looks on Instagram and garnering 50k+ likes.

Elena Taber x TENCEL

Elena kicked off her 11-month long TENCEL ambassadorship during Earth Month in April, showcasing her passion for sustainability and living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Industry News

Chloe Mitchell x Fobes

Chloe was featured in Forbes as the first collegiate athlete to monetize her name and likeness due to new NAIA rules. This inspired her to create her own company called Playbooked. Set to launch Summer 2021, PlayBooked is a trusted one-stop platform for collegiate athletes to field offers to post promoted social content and/or send personalized messages to fans and be compensated for it.

Mikayla Nogueira x Vogue

Recently, Vogue featured and interviewed Mikayla sharing more about how the 22-year-old makeup artist has quickly become one of TikTok’s favorite beauty influencers. Detailed within the story includes her creative process, holy-grail beauty items and more about her most viral video to date.

Olivia Ponton x Teen Vogue

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Olivia opened up about identifying as bisexual sharing: “I want to let young girls know that it’s okay to not even know your sexuality until you’re older. I think it should be more normalized to come out [when you’re ready for it].”

True Colors: Celebrating Pride Beyond The Rainbow

DBA’s first thought-leadership seminar session in partnership with Gaybors Agency and Revry brought together executives Todd Murray and Paul Kontonis, clients Yummertime and model/actor/public speaker Rosalynne Montoya plus Sr. Marketing Manager Brianna Arps to discuss how brands can extend their support for the LGBTQ+ community beyond Pride. Watch the full conversation here.

Upcoming Events

Black Lives Matter:
More Than A Hashtag

Join us on June 24 at 1pm-2pm EST for Black Lives Matter: More Than A Hashtag, a timely conversation aimed at diving deeper into “influencer activism” culture plus further unpacking the events that unfolded over this past year.Featured panelists: Julee Wilson (Cosmopolitan), Kier Gaines (Licensed Therapist & Influencer), Ernest James (Founder & CEO, NOIRE MGMT.), Nya-Gabriella Peets (DBA Director, Brand Partnerships).

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Dear Media:
New Shows & Highlights

6 and 9
with Lexi, Shannon and Tiffany

From Lexi, Shannon and Tiffany: “Welcome to our show! Family dinner is at 6, and pre-drinks are at 9. We’re serving dinner, drinks, and stories we probably shouldn’t share. In this multi-generational mother, daughter podcast, nothing is off the table. Lexi, Shannon, and Tiffany are unfiltered, uncensored, and undone! You’re invited!”

The Bad Broadcast
with Madi Murphy

Hi! I’m Madi Murphy. I’ve searched my whole life to find my passion. Little did I know, I had been practicing my true talent every minute of every day: complaining. Every week will explore new sh*t to hate and finding ways to laugh (or cry) about it.

Social Studies
with Jena Kingsley

A hilarious take on the things we do all day every day that we are not even paying attention to with host Jena Kingsley.

Because Life
with Sydel Curry-Lee

Though Sydel Curry-Lee became known in the digital space for entrepreneurship, athleticism and tastemaking in the beauty community, her mission online has always been to surface the topic of mental health to the forefront of conversation. Having struggled with her own mental health for several years, Sydel x BECAUSE LIFE aims to de-stigmatize the discussion around mental health and offer first hand advice on how we can all discuss the subject better as well as things we can do to improve our mental health.

Trading Secrets
with Jason Tartick

Join Jason Tartick as breaks into the vault of secrets behind all things money and careers. Jason explores the taboo curiosities and money questions we have been told never to discuss! He dives into all the trading secrets that we want to know and need to know to properly navigate the financial world as consumers, employees and investors.

Virtual Live Show:
Not Skinny But Not Fat
& Taste of Taylor

Amanda Hirsch (Not Skinny But Not Fat Podcast) and Taylor Strecker (Taste of Taylor Podcast) fell in love with podcasting, and now they are meeting IRL for the first time! And guess what? You can tune in to their first date on June 10 at 9pm EST.

You're Gonna Love Me
Merch Launch

You’re Gonna Love Me is a podcast that opens the eyes, the ears and the hearts of anyone who has judged or been judged. Katie Maloney talks to plenty of familiar faces, including those who have thrown some shade, spent time in the shade or just enjoy the shade. None of us are perfect; we’re all just human and this merch reminds us to spend a little less time judging and more time loving.

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