Going Back to School

After a year of remote learning due to COVID-19, many teachers, parental figures, young adults and children are gearing up to head back into classrooms across the nation. With this dramatic shift comes an opportunity for brands across all verticals to adopt key marketing strategies to deliver their messaging where families will see them first — online. Adweek reports that three-quarters of all parents are turning to influencers for inspiration concerning the latest back-to-school trends. Included among the top digital talent leading this charge are DBA clients, such as Alex French with Walmart, Jasmine Crockett with Zulily, Christine Andrew with Kohl’s, Zahra with Dell and several more — each of whom have captured sizeable attention throughout 2021’s unique BTS frenzy with impressive yet equally authentic campaigns. To learn more, keep reading below.

Hilary Williams-Dunlap

Senior Vice President of Talent

Going Back to School

From college students to parents with kindergarteners, we are proud to represent a diverse array of individuals entering into “back to school” season — each who bring their unique backgrounds, interests, skills and expertise to the forefront of an ever-evolving digital landscape. To view our full roster of talent preparing for the new school year, please click here.

Back-to-School Campaigns

Alex French & Girl With Curves
x Walmart on Instagram

As an incoming college student, Alex French has partnered with Walmart to help prepare her for dorm-room living and stocking up on all her favorite essentials from beauty, decor and lifestyle. Likewise, Tanesha of Girl With Curves teamed up with the retailer ahead of her kids going back to school, sharing how Walmart has everything they need from stationary, backpacks, uniforms and snacks.

Zahra x Dell on Instagram

Zahra recently partnered with Dell to promote the tech giant’s premium PC line, XPS, garnering over 330k impressions while sharing how helpful it’s been with managing both school work and social media.

Hello Fashion Blog
x Kohl's on TikTok

Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion continues her yearlong partnership with Kohl’s to showcase her favorite back-to-school items for all of her kids via the fun transitions of TikTok.

Jessica Woo, Jasmine Crocket
& Cara Loren x Zulily on Instagram

Cara, Jessica and Jasmine were all tapped by Zulily to become members of its “ZuQuad” highlighting all the brand’s best back-to-school deals.

Brand Partnerships & Launches

Marni Senofonte x The HYPE

Emmy-nominated costume designer Marni Senofonte is a judge on the new HBO Max fashion competition series “The HYPE.” The series features 10 streetwear professionals who compete in challenges to prove they can walk the walk and deliver the product, all while being critiqued on how well they combine fashion, music and lifestyle to refine the idea of a “runway” and the balance between art and commerce.

Manny Gutierrez x Snapchat
Original "Coming Out"

Manny Guiterrez served as host and producer on the Snapchat Original Show, Coming Out. Following six young people, each episode launching weekly through August 29 explores one of the biggest transitions in a person’s life — coming out to their loved ones — with Manny’s guidance.

Natalie Mariduena
x SI Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated’s 2021 Swimsuit Issue was released with client Natalie Mariduena as its leading 2021 Rookie. Upon the release, Natalie Mariduena’s comments were flooded with fans praising her for the non-airbrushed photos and showcasing a mid-size athletic frame without any retouching, helping her followers feel confident in their own bodies as-is.

Jeanette Ogden
& Cocokind x Target

Jeannette Ogden of ShutTheKaleUp released her collaboration with @cocokind for her Sea Kale Mask that launched at Target on July 18 in over 1,800 stores.

The Tennille Life & Courtney Kerr
x Amazon Fashion

Tennille launched her first-ever clothing collection with Amazon The Drop this last month, selling out a few pieces within just a few hours of their release. Likewise, Courtney has begun the process of designing her Amazon The Drop collection, inviting her audience along the journey.

Mikayla Nogueira
& Glamzilla x Glow Recipe

Mikayla Nogueira and Glamzilla put their heads together in their long term contracts with Glow Recipe to cross collaborate and support the launch of their Watermelon Mask. Both were tasked with shooting content separately and coming together to compile the piece together after deciding on an iconic “Mean Girls” themed concept.

Jessica Shyba x Puma

Jessica partnered with Puma for their new RS Dreamer basketball shoe. She included the whole family (from her 14-year-old to her 6-month-old) in creating campaign content, which has since garnered over 10k likes.

New Darlings x Article

New Darlings teamed up with Article to share how to turn a patio into a lounge-ready oasis. In desert modern style, Christina and Robert, transformed their patio with a few of the brand’s seating options — making it perfect for relaxing alongside family and friends.

Suede Brooks x Amazon The Drop "Making The Cut"

Suede Brooks was an influencer guest judge for the second season of Amazon’s “Making The Cut,” which also included modeling the winning designer’s collection. The Love Hero collection went live in July, with Suede shooting a gorgeous campaign at the Valley of Fire in Nevada to help bring the pieces to life.

Aimee Song
x Amazon Fashion on Instagram

Aimee Song continues her long-term partnership with Amazon Luxury Stores, showcasing her favorite items from designers such as Oscar de la Renta ahead of New York Fashion Week.

Industry News

Keara Wilson x
Hollywood Reporter

In partnership with Logitech and the JaQuel Knight Foundation, Keara Wilson has filed to copyright her viral “Savage” dance. On July 28, Keara was presented with a labanotation, an analysis of human movement much like sheet music, which is the first step in the complex and challenging process of securing legal rights to choreography.

Elena Taber x NY Post

Elena Taber was featured in the New York Post sharing her top five products for traveling sustainably.

Glamzilla x Allure

In its latest report, Allure covered Glamzilla’s TikTok bronzer hack that went viral for teaching viewers how to convert their powder makeup products into cream-like varieties. “It seemed to all start when Toronto-based user Stephanie Valentine, known to her followers as Glamzilla, shared the hack in an ad for Urban Decay’s All Night Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray on June 12,” the publication writes. “After that, a few other users put the method to the test to determine if it was worth the effort.”

Brittany Xavier x Vogue

Brittany Xavier’s Dior baby shower was covered by Vogue, showcasing everything from fashion to decor while offering readers insight into her life over the past nine months.

Olivia Ponton x PAPER Magazine

Olivia recently attended Miami Swim Week where she walked for Boohoo, Maaji and closed out the Nalu runway show. She also sat front row at the Sports Illustrated show and hosted on their IG channel coverage.

Upcoming Events & Event Recaps

Mastering TikTok:
From Creative to Brand Marketing

To uncover how TikTok has grown to become one of the buzziest platforms available, as well as how to utilize the app from a creative and brand marketing perspective, DBA brought together a panel of experts on August 11 for its “Mastering TikTok” thought-leadership webinar.

Featured panelists included: Amelie Zilber (Digital Content Creator), Krishna Subramanian (Co-Founder at Captiv8), Kinney Edwards (Global Head of Creative Lab at TikTok), Chrissy Abram (Manager, PR & Influencer Marketing at Later), Reesa Lake (Partner & EVP of Brand Partnerships at DBA).

Click here to watch the full recap.

SXSW 2022 PanelPicker:
The New Creator Economy

The Creator Economy is booming. Catalyzed by the global pandemic, billion-dollar investments from platforms like TikTok & Facebook, and consumer behavior changes, the rise of creator-built businesses and product partnerships provides key insights into the future of commerce and the creative ecosystem. Explore the multi-dimensional strategy behind content creation, how platforms & technology are transforming the creator experience, and the new wave of creator brands. Our panel of industry experts and digital talent will discuss a multitude of topics ranging from creator-centric brand building to e-commerce incrementality and sustainability. To vote for DBA’s The New Creator Economy panel, please click here.

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Dear Media Original:
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Dear Media launched its first original show, Summer of Gold on August 17. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 1996 Olympic Games, Summer of Gold provides an unrivaled perspective on one of the most important moments in American sports and cultural history by telling the story through the lens of the women Olympians who dominated that summer. From the “Magnificent Seven” gymnasts to the USA women’s basketball, soccer and softball teams all winning gold (and becoming cultural phenomena), to the founding of the WNBA, 1996 altered the course of history for American sports generally and women athletes in particular. Hosted by Michelle Kwan and executive produced by Sue Bird and Alex Morgan.

The Puberty Podcast

The Puberty Podcast weaves together scientific research, parenting strategies and hilarious stories to help guide adults who are raising kids through puberty. Each episode takes on one piece of this messy journey, offering both kids and adults practical, actionable advice. Join Dr. Cara Natterson and Vanessa Kroll Bennett — puberty experts in the midst of parenting their own tweens and teens — for “the what” and “the how” of getting through adolescence.

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Dear Media's Jason Tartick

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Meaning Full Living with
Hayley Hubbard & Jessica Diamond

When it comes to premarital counseling with husband Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger credits the experience for setting the course of their relationship, adding that it provided “guidance.”

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